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law school

Law Prof by Day, Novelist at Night

Winter 2022

Steven Wright MFA’14 draws on a unique set of legal experiences in his acclaimed fiction.

Personal Health, National Health Care

Winter 2022

Kiana Beaudin ’10, MPAS’15 has devoted her career to her patients as well as the entire Ho-Chunk Nation.

The Art of Gumbo Diplomacy

Summer 2021

New UN ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield MA'75 shares her secret recipe for fostering international dialogue.

On, Alumnae: Kate Hamilton Pier

Summer 2019

Hamilton Pier became the first woman in the country to be granted a judicial appointment. Courtesy of Fond Du Lac County

Legal Advocates

Spring 2019

The UW Law School is opening a new clinic to help victims of domestic violence file restraining orders.

Room for Debate

Spring 2019

Sharing what’s on your mind — and welcoming the viewpoints of others on contentious issues — is a campus hallmark that could inform the wider world.

Stone Survivor

Winter 2018

Bryce Richter

After 70 secretive years, a gargoyle has been reunited with its twin. One of the sandstone statues, which sat…

Pat Richter ’64, JD’71

Fall 2018

The former UW football star who made the Badgers a national force.

Diploma Homecoming

Summer 2018

The Law School’s diplomas were much larger in 1876 than they have been in recent years. Compared to his “postcard”-sized diploma, Peter…

A Judge on Trial

Spring 2018

John Becker LLB1890 lost his career in public service when his words were deemed a crime.

Arctic Watch

Spring 2018

In Alaska, where glaciers are melting, Fran Ulmer ’69, JD’72 leads a commission tasked with helping U.S. officials decide what to do about climate change.

A Civil Rights Pioneer

The influence of Lloyd Barbee LLB’56, a civil rights leader and lawyer in the 1960s and ’70s, lives on through Justice for

7 Objects of Affection

From scientific marvels to meaningful mementos, items found in the offices of UW professors help tell their stories.

5 Campus Rivalries

Winter 2017

Competition has always been a part of student life.

2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winter 2016

For 80 years, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored exceptional alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. Early recipients include actor Fredric March ’20 of Dr. Jekyll…

Living the Wisconsin Idea

Spring 2016

For nearly a decade, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored UW–Madison alumni under the age of forty who have excelled in…

From Spectacles to Start-ups, from Computer Chips to Civil Rights

Summer 2014

The Wisconsin Alumni Association has presented Distinguished Alumni Awards since 1936. Meet the four celebrated honorees.

Geraldine Hines JD’71: Defending Justice

Winter 2013

Hines traces her path to the judge’s bench directly back to her experience as one of four black students in the UW Law School’s Class of 1971.

Pigment Prejudice

Winter 2013

Due to a belief that their body parts bring good luck, people with albinism in some African countries are hunted and killed. Two alumni are stepping in to help Tanzania, where the problem is most severe.

The scene of the crime

Fall 2013

Before she became one of the country’s most powerful prosecutors, Bridget Brennan began her legal career oh and one.

Andrew Stoltmann ’94: Defending Investors

Fall 2013

Andrew Stoltmann ’94 witnessed the cruel effects of fiscal crime when his father was swindled in a real estate deal, losing $80,000.

Scripts and the City

Fall 2013

Special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan ’77, JD’83 is leading New York's battle with the illegal trade in prescription drugs.

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

Quick Takes: Winter 2012

Winter 2012

UW news in brief

Quick Takes: Winter 2011

Winter 2011

UW News in Brief

There’s a Rule for That

Winter 2011

From car seats to clean air, federal and state regulations influence our lives.

Marjorie Liu JD’03: Genre Bender

Summer 2011

There’s nothing in the family law classes to prepare future Badger attorneys to understand the relationship between a woman and a merman.

Quick Takes: Fall 2010

Winter 2010

UW news in brief

What goes on inside a prison’s fences

Winter 2010

You never know where a story might take you

Opening the Door to Forgiveness

Winter 2010

An innovative program staffed by law professors and students pairs crime victims and offenders who are willing to meet — and willing to learn lessons from each other.

Cane Toss

Fall 2010

One of Homecoming's biggest spectacles doesn't involve the marching band or the football team.