About On Wisconsin

On Wisconsin is published four times a year for alumni and friends of the University of Wisconsin–Madison by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA), in partnership with University Communications and University Marketing. As one of the largest-circulation alumni magazines in the country, On Wisconsin is mailed to some 356,000 homes each quarter. Through this unique partnership, WFAA provides generous funding for the magazine; and editors, writers, graphic designers, photographers, and production assistants at University Communications, University Marketing, and WFAA produce the editorial content.

Mission Statement

On Wisconsin strives to increase awareness of UW–Madison, engender feelings of pride, and strengthen connections with alumni and other key constituents by:

  • Reporting news about the university and key issues in higher education accurately and honestly
  • Keeping alumni informed about their alma mater and fellow alumni
  • Encouraging a free exchange of ideas and viewpoints
  • Fostering an interest in lifelong learning by sharing expertise, focusing on societal issues, and highlighting UW research that affects daily life
  • Seeking high standards of writing, photography or illustration, graphic design, and printing

Connecting to On Wisconsin

Do you have an opinion you’d like to express? An idea you’d like to share? A story you’d like to tell? The editors invite you to get in touch with On Wisconsin by:

Posting a comment. Please keep your comments respectful, appropriate, and on-topic.  We reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion, and we thank you for joining the discussion.

Writing a letter to the editor. Although we don’t have space to publish all letters we receive, we enjoy hearing from you about any topic touched upon in the magazine. We reserve the right to edit for length and/or clarity.  Submit your letter to onwisconsin@uwalumni.com.

Sending an idea for Traditions, a regular column that looks at an activity unique to the UW, and reports on whether it’s now a fond memory or still part of campus life today. Send us your idea and we’ll do the research. Submit your idea to onwisconsin@uwalumni.com.

Submitting Class Notes to uwalumni.com/go/alumninotes; or mail them to Class Notes, Wisconsin Alumni Association, 650 N. Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706-1476.

Freelance Guidelines

The co-editors for On Wisconsin on occasion assign work to professional freelance writers, photographers, and illustrators who meet specific needs for the magazine. Please do not ask to be considered for freelance writing assignments unless you also send a specific query that you think will knock our socks off. Successful queries consist of fresh, original ideas and explain why the story idea will be compelling for our audience. They also steer clear of topics or individuals that we have already recently covered. We’ll probably also ask you to send a few of your best clips. You may send them to co-editor Niki Denison at niki.denison@supportuw.org or co-editor Jenny Price at jenny.price@wisc.edu.

Advertising in On Wisconsin

On Wisconsin accepts paid advertising, and deadlines to reserve space are approximately 60 days before the cover dates. For more information see our online media kit or contact Mike Kornemann at 608-270-3611.

Changing your Address

Update your postal and email addresses at uwalumni.com/update. You may also email address updates or name changes to alumnichanges@uwalumni.com or mail them to Address Changes, Wisconsin Alumni Association, 650 N. Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706-1476. Or, call in the information to 608-308-5420 or 888-947-2586.

Reporting a Death

Please mail death notices to the address above. Most obituaries of WAA members and friends appear in the Badger Insider, WAA’s publication for members.

Contact Us

You can reach us via: Email: On Wisconsin, 650 N. Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706-1476