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Politics & Government

Brian Stockmaster MFA’98

Charlie Simokaitis When Barack Obama appeared before cheering crowds in Chicago on the night he won the 2008 election, Brian Stockmaster MFA’98 had a unique connection to the president-elect. The majestic stage in Grant Park had been mapped out, designed, and assembled in less than…

Politics & Government

Jake Lubenow

Jake Lubenow x’18 With more than 300 dues-paying members, the College Republicans of UW–Madison is one of the organization’s largest chapters in the country. Chair Jake Lubenow x’18 is tasked with navigating the group through a time of heightened political tension. Despite bringing in…

Politics & Government

Dorri McGhee McWhorter ’95

Photo by Alissa Pagels As the CEO of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Dorri McGhee McWhorter ’95 is garnering headlines for reimagining the 140-year-old nonprofit’s business model with new ideas and technology. The group’s mission is to empower women and eliminate racism, and providing jobs…

Politics & Government

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80

Matt Perko John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80 was 12 when he stood at a Nashville, Tennessee, curb watching President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade scoot past him en route to the airport. The chief executive was in Woolley’s hometown on May 18, 1963 — just months…

Politics & Government

This Woman’s Work

Kathryn Clarenbach ’41, MA’42, PhD’46 is largely unknown, but her name belongs alongside those of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem in the history of modern feminism.

Politics & Government

Social Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are part of everyday life. What happens when political candidates and their campaigns wade into the social media scrum?

Politics & Government

Can This Democracy Be Saved?

As our nation faces a great political divide, UW experts and alumni explore the current state of democracy, our voting system, the enormous power and potential of social media, and the hopeful voices of the next generation.