On Wisconsin

Head-On Collision

By John Allen

With every brain she dissects, neuropathologist Ann McKee ’75 discovers more about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the disease that results from repeated brain injuries. Her studies are changing how sports — especially football — are played.

Pain Relievers

While American physicians have ready access to medication to help their cancer patients, their counterparts in many countries do not. UW experts are leading a global effort to recognize pain relief as a human right.

Opening the Door to Forgiveness

An innovative program staffed by law professors and students pairs crime victims and offenders who are willing to meet — and willing to learn lessons from each other.

Seven Wonders

We offer seven examples of life-changing UW discoveries, knowing full well that it’s only a start. Think back and add a favorite to our list, then learn what’s afoot at the new Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery.