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Environment & Climate

On, Alumnae: Fran Hamerstrom

Hamerstrom, one of the UW’s pioneering ecologists, exhibits the tail feathers of a broad-winged hawk in Plainfield, Wisconsin, in 1965. UW Archives Neg. 18146

Frances (Fran — pronounced “Fron”) Hamerstrom MS’40 was a pioneering wildlife ecologist. She and her husband, Frederick, came to the UW to study…

Environment & Climate

John Curtis

John Curtis, shown here in his lab in 1951, introduced the concept of burning prairie as a means of restoration. The Arb conducted its first burn in the 1940s. UW Archives S04992

Bring up conservation in Wisconsin and you’ll often hear the name John Curtis MS1935,…

Environment & Climate

Nicolaas Mink

Bethany Goodrich

Nic Mink ’02, PhD’10 is mad as halibut, and he’s not going to take it anymore. Mink likes fish. But he very much prefers his fish to be good fish. The world has too much bad-tasting seafood, he argues, and it doesn’t have to…

Environment & Climate

For the Birds

Mason Muerhoff

Nomen est omen, said the ancient Romans, who liked their maxims to rhyme: one’s name is one’s destiny. And while there’s little empirical evidence about this aphorism, put Anna Pidgeon PhD’00 down on the side of support. The professor with the columbiform name has…

Environment & Climate

Slideshow: Madison Flood

Madison-area lake levels continued to rise after a record-breaking storm on August 20, 2018, dumped more than 10 inches of rain on parts of Dane County and caused flooding on the UW–Madison campus lakeshore. Street closures in the downtown area also complicated matters for students who moved into…

Environment & Climate

Arctic Watch

In Alaska, where glaciers are melting, Fran Ulmer ’69, JD’72 leads a commission tasked with helping U.S. officials decide what to do about climate change.