A Hip-Hop Family

Winter 2019

A unique group of poets, musicians, and activists came together in the inaugural cohort of First Wave, the UW’s pioneering scholarship program.

Making Summer Term Spectacular

Fall 2019

Summer’s not what it used to be — not at UW–Madison, anyway.

Summer on campus has always been swell, boasting one-of-a-kind study spots like…

They Came to Create at Tandem Press

Summer 2019

Every few weeks, another one arrives: a visiting artist to create a new work at Tandem Press, UW–Madison’s fine-art print shop. Tandem is…

Bridge Builder

Fall 2018

Rod Hassett ’62 has sourced his hometown to inspire the next generation of engineers — diversifying his profession along the way.

24 UW-Madison Firsts

Winter 2017

From the beginning, the UW has been a higher education pioneer in research, education, and innovation.

Map Quest

Fall 2017

Archaeologist Chris Fisher MA’95, PhD’00 risked snakes, spiders, jaguars, and flesh-eating bacteria to discover a lost city in Honduras.

Mark Zimmer ’82, JD’85

Summer 2017

Andy Manis

By day, Mark Zimmer ’82, JD’85 is a Madison lawyer. But by night, he’s a classical-music…

In Search of the Lao Unicorn

Winter 2019

Bill Robichaud ’83 has devoted his career to saving the saola, a recently discovered mammal that may go extinct before scientists can even study it.

Great Fall of China

Summer 2017

Should a Chinese couple have one baby? Two? More? UW obstetrician Fuxian Yi and his homeland are at odds over children.

Steven Durlauf

Fall 2016

Bryce Richter

In 2014, an exhaustive book about income inequality — French economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the…

Requiem for a Running Back

Fall 2016

A Green Bay Packer’s daughter embarks on a quest to understand the brain disease that took his life.

Spring 2016

Nuclear conspiracy

The title of director/editor Chad Gracia ’92’s debut documentary film — The Russian Woodpecker — invites so many…

Many Happy (and Chilly) Returns

Winter 2015

Benjamin Franklin was right. Taxation is an absolute certainty in life — even life near the South Pole.

Art for Fruit’s Sake

Winter 2015

Paintings show horticulture students how fruits and vegetables have changed over the centuries.

The Warlord’s Biographer

Spring 2015

In his recent book, Brian Williams PhD’99 sets the record straight on Afghanistani general and now vice president Abdul Dostum, who, along with his cavalry of two thousand Uzbek horsemen, helped the United States defeat the Taliban in a key battle in late 2001.

The Chemistry of Truthfulness

Spring 2015

UW Professor William Bleckwenn 1917, who first used sodium amytal to treat people with schizophrenia, had little idea that his pioneering work would lead to what is popularly known as truth serum.

Fulsome Prison Blues

Fall 2014

As a student, UW sociology professor Alice Goffman spent six years immersed in a poor Philadelphia neighborhood. What she learned shaped her understanding of urban policy and inspired a break-out book.

Creative License

Spring 2014

Now a UW faculty member, renowned cartoonist and author Lynda Barry explores the genesis of creativity, teaching the powerful connection between our hands and our brains.

One Word: Subnivium

Fall 2013


Bookshelf: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Highlighted books from the Summer 2013 issue

Keep Your Shirt On

Fall 2012

Fifth edition of The Red Shirt.

Brave New Reference

Summer 2012

A UW scholar weighs the credibility of Wikipedia.

There’s an Apps for that

Summer 2012

Name any topic pertaining to Wisconsin life and culture, and prolific author Jerry Apps ’55, MS’57, PhD’57 has probably written about it.

Planting the Seeds of a Healthy World

Spring 2012

The UW’s Global Health Institute offers seed grants for studies.

Pulling Together for Great People

Fall 2011

A couple’s family endowment helps to grow scholarships for students in need.

Top of Mind

Spring 2011

UW–Madison beats the competition when it comes to online buzz.

Can You Buy Happiness?

Winter 2010

A national study links leisure spending to a sense of well-being.

The Art of Medicine

Winter 2010

Erin Kimball says choosing the rural track in medical school taught her “what it really means to be a physician.”

Bookshelf: Winter 2010

Winter 2010

Highlighted books from the Winter 2010 issue.

Look Good and Feel Good

Fall 2010

Red Shirt program will result in a $250,000 gift for scholarships.

The Changing Face of Publishing

Spring 2010

As profit margins shrink and technological change speeds up, academic publishers face an uncertain future — but the UW Press is adapting to the new realities of bookselling in the twenty-first century.

Great People

Winter 2009

A new scholarship paves the way for a pre-med student.