Humanities & Culture

Staying Power

A standout journalist while on campus, these days Phil Rosenthal ’85 covers the very industry that provides his paycheck — and he urges skeptics not to write off newspapers just yet.


The Warlord’s Biographer

In his recent book, Brian Williams PhD’99 sets the record straight on Afghanistani general and now vice president Abdul Dostum, who, along with his cavalry of two thousand Uzbek horsemen, helped the United States defeat the Taliban in a key battle in late 2001.

Campus History

Old School

Remember when Chadbourne Hall housed only women? Attending a class in the old Law Building? Your room at old Ogg Hall? Grabbing a table at the old Union South? Take this walk down memory lane and revisit campus buildings that have come and gone.

Science & Technology

The Chemistry of Truthfulness

UW Professor William Bleckwenn 1917, who first used sodium amytal to treat people with schizophrenia, had little idea that his pioneering work would lead to what is popularly known as truth serum.

Service & Advocacy

Desludging Dakar

Using her understanding of human decision-making, Laura Schechter is improving sanitation in Senegal — and in the process, she's changing the way that social scientists and economists think.


Badger Tracks Spring 2015

WAA is planning gala events around the nation to help the UW Foundation kick off its new comprehensive campaign. The next event, Wisconsin Ideas: Let the World Know, will be held in Milwaukee on June 11. Program highlights include remarks from Chancellor Rebecca Blank, inspirational alumni stories, innovations from…

Sports & Recreation

An Outback Bowl To Remember

Photo: Pete Christianson.

From left are Mike Artus, Kelli Trumble ’79, Emily Artus, Cindy Artus, and Ben Borcher. Emily Artus, who has Apert Syndrome, went to high school with Badger tight end Sam Arneson x’15, and the two became friends. Arneson sent her tickets to the Outback…


The High Cost of College

The Price is Right” [Winter 2014 On Wisconsin] stated that earlier students could work summers and cover the entire cost of their school. I attended the university in the mid-fifties and was able to do just that. I was fortunate to get a job in a local canning factory…


The 1960s, Revisited

The Bob Dylan photo in “It Was a Very Good Year” [Winter 2014] reminded me that about three years earlier, the folksinger was in Madison for about a week. On his way from his Minnesota home to New York City, he hung out at a coffeehouse on State Street.…


Hurray for the Humanities

[In regard to “Humanities for the Real World,” Winter 2014]: I have two degrees from UW–Madison: an undergraduate degree in the humanities and a master’s in business. I learned how to operate a business by managing one, not in class. I was able to do so because I knew…


More Thoughts on Democracy

It is very disappointing to read a letter from a UW grad who tries to define the United States as either a democracy or a republic [“Can This Democracy Be Saved?” Fall 2014]. In reality, the nation is a democratic republic, meaning representatives are chosen directly by the populace.…