Social Science

Locked Out

In an excerpt from his best-selling book, Matthew Desmond MS’04, PhD’10 sheds new light on the harsh realities of housing and poverty.

Campus History

One Text Away

College students and their parents are in closer contact than ever, and that bond has transformed the way universities interact with families.

Science & Technology

The Analyst

Elan Kriegel ’03 runs the data shop for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. After the election, he and his team will use their algorithms and their passion to help other causes.

Politics & Government

This Woman’s Work

Kathryn Clarenbach ’41, MA’42, PhD’46 is largely unknown, but her name belongs alongside those of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem in the history of modern feminism.

Politics & Government

Social Strategy

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are part of everyday life. What happens when political candidates and their campaigns wade into the social media scrum?


Camp Randall Memorial Arch

Old Abe, the bald eagle mascot who went into battle with the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, sits atop the arch. Statues of a veteran soldier and a young recruit flank the opening. Jeff Miller

Science & Technology

Eat Your Vegetables

Award-winning chef Tory Miller (right) is part of a new UW program that links breeders and growers with top Madison chefs.

For farmers who sell vegetables directly to consumers, disease resistance and high yield are often the top priorities when choosing varieties, but a UW…

Health & Medicine

That’s Ruff

Apart from being quadrupedal, furry, and commonly found on your couch, cats and dogs have little in common. But the two species share one more — much less fortunate — trait: both can contract canine influenza.

Sandra Newbury DVM’03, clinical assistant professor and director of the UW School of…

Campus History

Shakespeare’s First Folio

The UW’s Chazen Museum of Art will host an exhibition of the 1623 First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays, in honor of the 400th anniversary of the playwright’s death. Shakespeare First Folio, 1623. Folger Shakespeare Library

William Shakespeare may be known as the English language’s…

Environment & Climate

Plant Family Tree

Sequencing the DNA of every plant in Wisconsin is a daunting task, but a UW team recently accomplished just that. After four years, the project has now gathered information for some 2,600 species — from the most primitive fern to the most advanced flowering plants, plus conifers, birch trees,…

Business & Entrepreneurship

Alumni Artists

“There are way too many artists and way too few galleries,” says Barry Carlsen MFA’83. That’s why he started Big Ten(t), an alliance connecting UW–Madison alumni with places to show their work.

Carlsen invites Badger artists to participate in shows, and they pay a fee for renting gallery space…


Ask Helen C.

Bryce Richter

Even in today’s era of selfies and Snapchat, a bulletin board in the corner of the College Library lobby has turned into a must-see spot for the library’s thousands of visitors.

Dozens of comment cards make their way into the suggestion…

Service & Advocacy

Ali at the UW

The late boxer visited campus twice — as an amateur athlete who competed at the Field House and as the heavyweight champion who was also an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War.

Politics & Government

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80

Matt Perko

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80 was 12 when he stood at a Nashville, Tennessee, curb watching President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade scoot past him en route to the airport. The chief executive was in Woolley’s hometown on May 18, 1963 — just months…