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24 UW-Madison Firsts

Black and white photo of four women wearing black unitards doing a modern dance routine.

In 1926, the UW launched the nation’s first university dance program. UW.UWArchives.ch05072207.bib

1875 Nation’s first Scandinavian studies department
1890 First test of butterfat content in milk
1910 Country’s first genetics department
1913 Discovery of vitamin A
1916 Discovery of vitamin B
1919 Oldest educational radio station
1924 Discovery of method to enrich food with vitamin D
1926 First university dance program
1933 Synthesis of blood-thinner dicumarol, paving way for warfarin
1930s Discovery of methods to iodize salt
1936 First university artist-in-residence program
1939 First university department of wildlife management
1959 First space-based weather camera
1966 First poverty-research center
1968 First bone marrow transplant
1968 First graduate program in arts administration
1970 Creation of the first synthetic gene
1987 Development of Wisconsin Solution, used in transplant surgery
1998 First cultivation of embryonic stem cells in a lab
2005 First National Stem Cell Bank
2007 First human skin cells genetically reprogrammed to create cells indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells
2007 First “naming gift” given to a U.S. business school to preserve its name
2014 First endowed fellowship in feminist biology
2014 First master’s program in energy conservation


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