Social sciences

The Warlord’s Biographer

Spring 2015 — 1 comment

In his recent book, Brian Williams PhD’99 sets the record straight on Afghanistani general and now vice president Abdul Dostum, who, along with his cavalry of two thousand Uzbek horsemen, helped the United States defeat the Taliban in a key battle in late 2001.

Safe Haven

Spring 2015

Thai alum finds asylum at the UW.

India ink

Spring 2015

India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ended his 1949 U.S. tour with a UW visit.

The Chemistry of Truthfulness

Spring 2015

UW Professor William Bleckwenn 1917, who first used sodium amytal to treat people with schizophrenia, had little idea that his pioneering work would lead to what is popularly known as truth serum.

Fulsome Prison Blues

Fall 2014 — 9 comments · 2 reader letters

As a student, UW sociology professor Alice Goffman spent six years immersed in a poor Philadelphia neighborhood. What she learned shaped her understanding of urban policy and inspired a break-out book.

Social Potential

Fall 2014

Can spending time online translate into citizen action?

Practical Magic

Fall 2014

Fans of Harry Potter and other pop-culture touchstones transform into activists.

Does Democracy Work?

Fall 2014 — 2 comments

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried.

Gender Divide

Summer 2014 — 1 comment

Does separating boys and girls boost achievement? Not so fast.

Bookshelf: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Highlighted books from the Spring 2014 issue

Bookshelf: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Highlighted books from the Winter 2013 issue

Ale’s Well

Fall 2013 — 3 comments

The Beer Mapper helps people choose the right suds.

The Gray-Hair Pink-Slip Blues

Summer 2013

Job loss packs a punch for older workers.

Sharing the Dignity Model

Summer 2013

Starting "Great Conversations"

Forgiveness Reverberates

Summer 2013 — 1 comment

Personal peace and forgiveness strike a chord.

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013 — 3 comments · 2 reader letters

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

Uniquely Human

Spring 2013 — 4 comments

A UW professor guides those who have been seriously harmed by others along a path to forgiveness. And a UW alumna encourages leaders to take a new approach to conflict: honoring dignity.

Something Old, Something New

Spring 2013

A look inside Nancy Nicholas Hall

Personal Peace

Spring 2013 — 7 comments

A UW professor guides those who have been seriously harmed by others along a path to forgiveness.

Flat-Screen Rivalry

Spring 2013

TV competes with children for parental attention.

World Peace

Spring 2013 — 5 comments

A UW alumna encourages leaders to take a new approach to conflict: honoring dignity.

Bullies Exposed

Winter 2012

Social media reveals bad behavior offline.

Say What?

Fall 2012 — 1 reader letter

Talking to yourself has cognitive benefits, a UW study finds.

Weird World Web

Fall 2012

A professor tracks online folklore.

Brave New Reference

Summer 2012

A UW scholar weighs the credibility of Wikipedia.

Changing Perceptions

Summer 2012

A UW study finds that we can lessen prejudice.

Delicate Balance

Winter 2011 — 2 comments · 4 reader letters

As China gains prominence on the world stage, the university strengthens its connections.

A New Old Tradition

Winter 2011

A UW institute and a growing summer event bring Yiddish to life on campus.

There’s a Rule for That

Winter 2011

From car seats to clean air, federal and state regulations influence our lives.

Storm Surge

Winter 2011

Sociologist tracks migration in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Tracking The Ties That Bind

Fall 2011 — 6 comments

Fred Gardaphé ’76 knew that if he didn’t get out of the Mafia-dominated neighborhood where he grew up, he could wind up dead. UW–Madison provided a way out.

Buried Treasure

Fall 2011

Worth a thousand words.

Books and Beyond

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

LIS 640: Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Bookshelf: Fall 2011

Fall 2011 — 1 comment

Highlighted books from the Fall 2011 issue

Me and My Shadow

Summer 2011

A UW sociologist explores the complicated roles of mothers and nannies.

Little Online Lies

Summer 2011

Those who post to dating sites fudge the facts strategically.

Livin’ on a Prayer

Summer 2011

Study examines how prayer manages negative emotions.

Moving Mountains

Spring 2011

An exhibit shows that sparse information once led to cartographic creativity.

Sensory Overload

Spring 2011 — 6 comments

Sensory processing disorders make ordinary annoyances unbearable.

Money Worries

Spring 2011 — 2 comments

A new UW center is exploring what Americans need to know about their finances.