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Creative License

By Marianne English Spoon MA’11


Now a UW faculty member, renowned cartoonist and author Lynda Barry explores the genesis of creativity, teaching the powerful connection between our hands and our brains.

Radio Daze

By Eliza Krigman ’05


The predecessor to today’s campus radio station may have been tiny, but it forged lifelong bonds among students from the 1950s to the early ’90s and sponsored one heck of a trivia contest.

Coming of Age

By Jenny Price ’96


Children diagnosed with autism will grow up, and that presents entirely different challenges for them and their families. Now the UW’s Waisman Center is offering guideposts for the journey.

The Frankenpianist

By John Allen

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Music professor by day and eccentric genius by night, Christopher Taylor is creating a double-keyboard instrument that could revolutionize the world of piano-playing.

It’s a Tradition!

By Raymond Hamel MA’85

The second in our series of UW-themed crossword puzzles.