Where the W Roams

By Cindy Foss

For Badgers, it makes perfect sense that a single letter can represent so much emotion and pride. Behold the W! (And take our quiz.)

Campus Locales

A senior librarian at UW-Madison, Raymond Hamel MA’85 is also a puzzle and trivia master. He’s had …

Counting the Ways

By Jenny Price ’96 — 1 comment

A new report attaches impressive numbers to a longstanding link between the university and it state.

The Hope Builder

By Jenny Price ’96 — 6 comments

By the time Roberto Rivera ’04 devised his own UW major, he had already experienced a life's worth of challenges. But that didn't stop him from showing other young people a way out.

Street-Dance Scientist

By Terry Devitt ’78, MA’85

He does popping. He devotes time to his company. He teaches adults and kids about science. He works on his doctorate. Is there anything Jeff Vinokur ’12 isn't doing?

Kings of Sherman Park

By Chelsea Schlecht ’13 — 2 comments

When Herb Kohl ’56 and Bud Selig ’56 grew up together in Milwaukee, they had no idea that their camaraderie would follow them for life.

When Black History Is Your Own

By Mary Ellen Gabriel

Descended from a family who helped found a historic African-American community, Thulani Davis gained a unique perspective that allows her to bring the Reconstruction era alive for her students.

Plastics Pioneers

By David J. Tenenbaum MA’86

This ubiquitous material has surprising roots at UW — and it's a connection that spurred a thriving Wisconsin industry.