The Price Is Right

By Jenny Price '96 — 10 comments · 1 reader letter

Who sets tuition, and what does it cover, anyway? We look at the bottom line of attending college, steps to keep it affordable, and the reasons why it's well worth the investment.

Are the Kids Really All Right?

By Sandra Knisely ’09, MA’13

As the cost of college education rises, so does the need for financial literacy. UW administrators and researchers are trying to find the best ways to educate students and parents about debt, value, and planning for the future.

Humanities for the Real World

By Mary Ellen Gabriel — 2 comments · 1 reader letter

Take the tradition of storytelling and creativity within the humanities fields and blend it with a commitment to join the digital age, and you have the recipe for an exciting campus evolution.

Packing Up a War

By Meg Jones ’84

The Wisconsin National Guard, with Badgers among its members, is dismantling the massive amount of stuff that supported military efforts in Afghanistan. And a UW professor is playing a key role in bringing it home.

It Was a Very Good Year

By Stu Levitan JD’86 — 4 comments · 1 reader letter

In 1964, the university was marked by rising interest in civil rights, a legendary live music scene, and such a large incoming class that officials considered banning student cars and bicycles and building a campus subway or monorail.