Thinking Inside the Box

By Jenny Price ’96 — 5 comments

In an excerpt from his new book, UW professor Jordan Ellenberg argues that math is part of our daily lives and encourages us to embrace its power.

Musical Numbers

By Niki Denison — 2 comments

Math and music are connected in some surprising ways, and David Kung '94, MA'96, PhD'00 has made it his business to become an expert in all of them.

Empty Nests

By David J. Tenenbaum MA’86 — 6 comments

What can we learn from the demise of the passenger pigeon? Key Wisconsinites say the lesson is clear: don't let it happen again.

Off the Prescribed Path

By John Allen — 2 comments

Wherever she's gone in life, the medically underserved have always found Jenny Amani MD'09.

The Man with a Plan

By Vikki Ortiz Healy ’97 — 2 comments

When this landscape architect — and fellow Badgers in his Chicago firm — tackle a project, they do far more than put in bushes: they engage the community and create an experience.

Seeing Results

By Kim Smuga-Otto ’97 — 4 comments

As scientists unravel the mysteries of human DNA, genetic counselors stand ready to interpret what it all means.


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