Science & Technology

The Disease Detective

UW professor Tony Goldberg is on a life-saving mission: identify unknown pathogens before they jump to a new host and cause disease in other animals — and humans.

Business & Entrepreneurship

A Matter of Interest

When the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in a decade, Simon Potter MS’87, PhD’90 was in charge of carrying out that change. What’s it like to have a front-row seat to keeping the economy humming?


Around the World in Eight Badgers

As more Americans decide to live and work abroad, alums on each of the seven continents share what they like about their new lives and offer advice for fellow Badgers who dream of similar moves.

Campus History

The Great War at Home

When the U.S. entered the First World War, the UW joined the fight by training soldiers, conducting poison-gas research, and sending students to work on Wisconsin farms.

TV & Film

Rebel Alliance

Women helm just a fraction of Hollywood films, a fact that Jennifer Warren ’63 has been working steadily to change since trading acting for directing three decades ago.

Science & Technology

Words, Unwrapped

Seth Parker, Seales Research Group, University of Kentucky

The biblical and the scientific merge with the work of W. Brent Seales MS’88, PhD’91, a University of Kentucky computer scientist who developed the technique of “virtual unwrapping” to make legible the text of a…


The Sett

Jeff Miller

Since Union South reopened in 2011, students and community members frequently pack The Sett Pub for watch parties, including Badger sporting events and presidential debates.

Jeff Miller

The Sett, named for a badger’s den, features…

Environment & Climate

Coming Attractions

UW–Madison’s campus has long been known for its beauty. Iconic places such as Picnic Point and Bascom Hill bring back memories of campus life for decades of alumni.

But little of that beauty happens by accident. There’s a plan — a master plan.

Campus master plans are required under Wisconsin…

Sports & Recreation

Poage Sculpture

Sculptor Elmer Petersen created a statue of George Poage for the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Michael Lieurance

No one alive today has seen George Coleman Poage 1903, MAx1904 run. Only grainy black-and-white photos remain of the UW track star who became the…

The Arts

Spring Fashion Show

In the moments before the music begins, the nervous energy is palpable.

Nearly three dozen student models line up along a wall in a second-floor hallway inside Nancy Nicholas Hall. Some hold shoes in their hands, waiting until the last moment to step into gravity- defying…


Eric Barrow ’93

Andy Clayton, New York Daily News

Six months after graduating, Eric Barrow ’93 was knocking around Tokyo, brushing up on his Japanese, and considering a career in international relations when the Wisconsin football team rolled into town for a big game at the…

Service & Advocacy

Melissa Auerbach Murphy ’01

Scott Suchman

When 73 percent of hiring managers say that appearance is a big factor in who gets the job, it’s smart to look your best for an interview.

But for people who are trying to find a job while experiencing homelessness, taking care…