Teaching and learning

Monarch Guardians

Summer 2018

UW–Madison’s Arboretum is part of a nationwide effort to protect the popular insect.

Peace Out

Summer 2018

A collection of international flags serves as a buffet table centerpiece during a Global House Party event at the University Club.

Digital Library

Demand for digital resources at UW libraries is growing fast.

Get Happy

Spring 2018

A popular consumer science course digs into our relationship with money.

A Perfect Storm

Spring 2018

A UW professors teaches the science behind the news.

Spring Break

Can we have class outside today? Environmental science students enjoy the environment on a spring day in 2017. Science Hall houses the Nelson Institute for…

Witness to History

Winter 2017

Sarah Morton

Military history professor John Hall spent 15 years on active duty as an infantry officer and strategic planner for…

4 Classes You Wish You Had Taken

Winter 2017

Jeff Miller

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 323:
Science of Climate Change

Communication Arts 540:
Superhero TV and Cultural Power…

Botany Greenhouse

Winter 2017

58 Frozen Landmarks

Winter 2017

Badgers have made their mark on Antarctica, thanks to the UW’s long history of research and exploration of the continent.

7 Objects of Affection

From scientific marvels to meaningful mementos, items found in the offices of UW professors help tell their stories.

Beyond the Game

Fall 2017

UW program helps student-athletes chart a course for life after sports.

Physics Museum

Fall 2017

Above and below: Students from the Milwaukee Excellence Charter School explored hands-on exhibits during a tour of the L. R. Ingersoll Physics…

Scene Setting

Jeff Miller photo

Elise Schimke ’17 sought solitude in campus libraries during her time at UW–Madison. So when the history and…

Brain Trust

Fall 2017

UW professor Tony Stretton is well into his fourth decade of teaching undergraduates the wonders of brain science — and still has a lot of fun doing it.

Lake Laboratory

Dawn patrol on Lake Mendota: Carolyn Voter PhDx’18 (right) and Alexandra Linz ’13, PhDx’18 collect water samples before sunrise. The work was part of a…

“Yes, and …”

Summer 2017

Improv techniques help medical professionals learn creativity and spontaneity.

Russia in Focus

Summer 2017

The new Wisconsin Russia Project aims to help the U.S. be more prepared to manage a calculating Kremlin with yet-to-be-determined ambitions.

Classrooms Mobilized

Spring 2017

From telegraphy to auto repair to engineers, the UW campus organized to prepare student soldiers for war.

Women Make Waves

Spring 2017

UW Archives [UWYearBk1920.p0371]

The war yielded some positive outcomes for female students. Many gained leadership positions on campus that had…

Danielle Evans

Danielle Evans is no stranger to praise. During her 33 years, the UW assistant professor of creative writing has graduated from the

Tradition, Reinterpreted

Bryce Richter

This isn’t your typical henna design — and it’s not intended to be. Students created the henna…

Spring Fashion Show

Spring 2017

In the moments before the music begins, the nervous energy is palpable.

Nearly three dozen student models line up along a…

Pomp and Circumstance

UW hockey coach Tony Granato x’17 goes back to school.

The Great War at Home

Spring 2017

When the U.S. entered the First World War, the UW joined the fight by training soldiers, conducting poison-gas research, and sending students to work on Wisconsin farms.

Stitching History

Spring 2017

UW students connect to a designer’s lost legacy.

Better Aging Through Art

Winter 2016

Changing our perceptions of aging is at the heart of The Penelope Project: An Arts-Based Odyssey to Change Elder Care,…

Climate Chameleon

Winter 2016

UW–Madison is home to one of the most flexible and unique research facilities in North America.

Brandon Shields MBAx’17

Winter 2016

A care package in Afghanistan leads a former marine to seek an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business.

Physician, Heal Thyself

Summer 2016

Burnout and depression are common among medical students, but a UW course teaches them tools to stay healthy, along with their patients.

Musical Theater Performance

Summer 2016

When we start staging things, if you don’t know your lyrics, you are going to get killed

Story Time

Spring 2016

Doctors in training at the UW write down patients' memories — along with their symptoms — in a VA hospital program that documents the lives of military veterans.

Shawn Peters

Winter 2015

The instructor behind “The Wire course.”

Art for Fruit’s Sake

Winter 2015

Paintings show horticulture students how fruits and vegetables have changed over the centuries.

History Book

Winter 2015

If these shoes could talk: Students learn the art of making objects speak.

Get Real

Winter 2011

RE 306: Real Estate Process

Kathy Cramer

Fall 2015

Meet a Badger who is one of the caretakers of the Wisconsin Idea.

Research in the field (or forest)

Fall 2015

At a tiny building in Wisconsin’s Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, scientist Claire Phillips studies carbon in soil samples. The UW has been conducting research at the site for a decade, exploring how forests change over time, under the direction of Ankur Desai, an associate professor in atmospheric and oceanic sciences.

Budget Fallout

Fall 2015

For UW–Madison, the hits just keep coming.

Chemic Book

Veronica Berns PhD’14 found a novel way to make chemistry easier to understand.