Botany Greenhouse


The 8,000- square-foot greenhouse has more than 1,000 species in distinct climates that range from humid, tropical jungles to arid deserts. Jeff Miller


Mo Fayyaz MS’73, PhD’77 retired in August after 33 years as director of the greenhouse and nearby botanical gardens. "This job is just like juggling five, six balls at the same time," he said. "You cannot look to the side and let one go." Bryce Richter

Close-up of oranges hanging from tree.

In the cold winter months, the greenhouse is an oasis where a fruit-bearing orange tree can prosper, the public can escape frigid temperatures and soak up some humidity, and art students can find a setting to do their work. Jeff Miller

Young boy holds his nose while looking at the giant corpse flower in the UW Botany Greenhouse.

The "corpse flower" called Big Bucky attracted 30,000 visitors to the greenhouse when it bloomed in 2001. That was the first bloom in Madison for the Sumatra-native plant, also known as titan arum. It has bloomed four times since then. Michael Forster Rothbart


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