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Nobody’s Senator but Ours

Winter 2022

After a quietly effective political career, Herb Kohl ’56 is helping UW–Madison find practical solutions for an ailing democracy.

A Historically Different Supreme Court

Winter 2022

UW professor Howard Schweber explains the majority’s revolutionary approach to rights.

A Fiery War with Russia

Fall 2022

Political science professor Yoshiko Herrera believes Ukrainians’ resolve for statehood will prevail.

An Unsung Hero

Fall 2022

Mildred Fish Harnack ’25, MA’26 lost her life in the German resistance to Hitler.

Labor Rights and Wrongs

Fall 2022

Jesús Salas MA’85 battled owners and county officials to organize fellow migrant workers.

Lawrence of Macedonia

Summer 2022

Through four decades of Cold War, Lawrence Eagleburger ’52, MS’57 was the crisis manager of American diplomacy.

Finding Home in a Foreign Land

Fall 2021

Pao Lor PhD’01 chronicles his American journey in Modern Jungles: A Hmong Refugee’s Childhood Story of Survival.

A Podcast for Peace

Fall 2021

On The Branch, Dina Kraft ’93 delves into stories of Israeli/Palestinian friendship.

Rebuilding Democracy — with Mahogany

Fall 2021

After the January 6 riot, the Forest Products Lab helped repair the U.S. Capitol.

Behind the Scenes on Capitol Hill

Summer 2021

Manu Raju ’02 rises to CNN’s chief congressional correspondent at a turbulent time for politics and media.

The Art of Gumbo Diplomacy

Summer 2021

New UN ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield MA'75 shares her secret recipe for fostering international dialogue.

Investing in Higher Education

Spring 2021

UW proposes new buildings, greater borrowing power in state budget request.

A Boost for Democracy

Winter 2020

With a gift from Herb Kohl ’56, the La Follette School addresses critical issues.

Can We Trust the Polls?

Fall 2020

After the failures of 2016, the UW’s Elections Research Center makes a significant contribution to the presidential race.

The Fight for Women’s Rights

Summer 2020

A century ago, UW–Madison grads spearheaded the suffrage movement.

Wreckage and Recovery

Summer 2020

Our article on the Sterling Hall bombing is a unique contribution to the historical record.

The Blast That Changed Everything

Summer 2020

A 50-year perspective on the Sterling Hall bombing from alumni who lived through it.

Photography vs. Segregation

Summer 2019

In 2002, Gillian Laub ’97 made what would be the first of many trips to Mount Vernon, Georgia, to photograph the lives of teenagers…

Ask an Expert: What’s the Tiff about Tariffs?

Spring 2019

UW economics professor Menzie Chinn explains the tradeoffs of tariff policy.

Room for Debate

Spring 2019

Sharing what’s on your mind — and welcoming the viewpoints of others on contentious issues — is a campus hallmark that could inform the wider world.

Diplomatic Dilemma

Winter 2018

Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold ’75 returns to the UW to teach, calling on his experiences in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Brian Stockmaster MFA’98

Winter 2018

Charlie Simokaitis

When Barack Obama appeared before cheering crowds in Chicago on the night he won the 2008 election, Brian Stockmaster…

Science Faction

Fall 2018

In a new book, former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson ’63, JD’66 recalls his partnership with UW–Madison and his support for biotechnology research.


Fall 2018

Brian Stack MA’88 is poised at the pinnacle of late-night comedy — writing and performing for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Jessica Weeks

Fall 2018

A UW expert discusses the “dark side” of international relations: dictatorships.

Parental POV

Summer 2018

A history course tackles the 1970s–90s through a generational lens.

A Judge on Trial

Spring 2018

John Becker LLB1890 lost his career in public service when his words were deemed a crime.

Paula Bonner MS’78

Fall 2017

Paula Bonner

After just a year of teaching phys ed to eighth graders in her native South Carolina, Paula Bonner moved to…

Dairy Drama

Fall 2017

The $43 billion Wisconsin industry has benefited from a long tradition of UW support.

Black Cultural Center

Fall 2017

A resource center for African American students has a new home on campus.

Jake Lubenow

Summer 2017

Jake Lubenow x’18

With more than 300 dues-paying members, the College Republicans of UW–Madison is one of the organization’s…

Protest vs. Disrupt

Summer 2017

Free-speech guidelines address a delicate balance.

Russia in Focus

Summer 2017

The new Wisconsin Russia Project aims to help the U.S. be more prepared to manage a calculating Kremlin with yet-to-be-determined ambitions.

Great Fall of China

Summer 2017

Should a Chinese couple have one baby? Two? More? UW obstetrician Fuxian Yi and his homeland are at odds over children.

Politics and Persecution

Spring 2017

As sharply divided opinions about the war drew unwanted national attention to the state, the UW was eager to show its loyalty.

Cambodia Protests

Spring 2017

A look back at May 1970 through the lens of an alum’s camera

A Matter of Interest

Spring 2017

When the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in a decade, Simon Potter MS’87, PhD’90 was in charge of carrying out that change. What’s it like to have a front-row seat to keeping the economy humming?

Dorri McGhee McWhorter ’95

Winter 2016

Photo by Alissa Pagels

As the CEO of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, Dorri McGhee McWhorter ’95 is garnering headlines…

Michael Knetter

Winter 2016

The president and CEO of the UW Foundation says our strength is in our numbers.

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80

Fall 2016

Matt Perko

John Woolley MA’74, PhD’80 was 12 when he stood at a Nashville, Tennessee, curb watching President John…