The Travel Detective

Winter 2019

Journalist Peter Greenberg ’72 crisscrosses the globe to dig up inside info on the world’s largest industry.

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Fall 2019

Investigative journalist Scott Carney MA’04 does — in his own way.

Madcap UW Writer Makes History in a Model T

Summer 2019

An adventurous summer road trip turned the UW’s first female engineering grad, Emily Hahn ’26, into one of America’s most storied travel writers.

Room for Debate

Spring 2019

Sharing what’s on your mind — and welcoming the viewpoints of others on contentious issues — is a campus hallmark that could inform the wider world.

Bad News Badgers

Winter 2018

UW Archives 2018s00431

In 2017, the Badgers lost just one football game. In 1968, they couldn’t win one.

It’s almost…

Chris Linehan Freytag ’87

Winter 2018

Fitness Favorite

Local News

Winter 2018

An aspiring journalist chooses an unexpected stop on his career path: his hometown newspaper.

A Move to the Modern Age

Winter 2019

Phil Johnston ’94 is back with Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

From Wisconsin, With Humor

Summer 2018

Charlie Berens ’09 leans into his Badger State roots — and accent — to deliver the Manitowoc Minute, a comedic take on the news.

Cynthia Hornig ’91

Summer 2018

Rachel Schultz

Ten years after Cynthia Hornig ’91 and her friend Jen Jones left their jobs in 2001 to start a…

7 Objects of Affection

Winter 2019

From scientific marvels to meaningful mementos, items found in the offices of UW professors help tell their stories.

John Hanc MA’83

Fall 2017

Courtesy of John Hanc

To write a book proposal on a woman known as the Marathon Goddess, John Hanc MA’83,…

Our Man in Berlin

Summer 2017

As a foreign correspondent in Germany, Louis Lochner 1909 chronicled the rise of the Third Reich and helped Americans understand how Adolf Hitler amassed power.

Eric Barrow ’93

Spring 2017

Andy Clayton, New York Daily News

Six months after graduating, Eric Barrow ’93 was knocking around Tokyo, brushing up…

2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winter 2016

For 80 years, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored exceptional alumni with Distinguished Alumni Awards. Early recipients include actor Fredric March ’20 of Dr. Jekyll…

Voice of Experience

Fall 2016

ESPN’s Andy Katz ’90 feels the pull of the classroom.

Raney Aronson-Rath ’92

Spring 2016

She uses virtual reality to tell some of the world's toughest — and most important — stories.

We’re Em-bear-assed

Summer 2015

I very much enjoyed the piece on Phil Rosenthal [“Staying Power,” Fall 2015]. In particular, I cheered the fact that “…after more than thirty…

Anna Therese Day ’10: Freelancer Advocate

Summer 2014

For Anna Therese Day ’10, going the freelance route in pursuit of a journalism career wasn’t so much a choice as it was a calling.

Creativity Is a Joke

Spring 2014

Sometimes, funny things make a big difference.

Mission Possible

Winter 2012

Think that world hunger can’t be overcome? Bettina Luescher begs to differ.

Emily Friedman ’07: On the Campaign Trail

Summer 2012

Emily Friedman has a front-row seat to history as an ABC News digital reporter covering Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Eye of the Storm

Summer 2011

Lynsey Addario’s recent capture by Libyan forces was just the latest in a series of perils for this frontline photojournalist. But she’s never let danger stop her from bringing her unique perspective to coverage of conflict and humanitarian issues.