The Big Board in One Big Gulp

Fall 2013

Before the year is out, Jeffrey Sprecher ’78 is set to finalize his purchase of the New York Stock Exchange.

Jeff DeGraff PhD’85: Dean of Innovation

Summer 2013

"If you want to become better and new, the positive tension that comes from diversity, people holding divergent views, is essential to making innovation happen."

Getting Torched

Spring 2013

Economist Andrew Zimbalist ’69 argues that big-time sports and big-time stadiums are not necessarily a boon for cities.

Rich Varda ’75: A Sustainable Target

Spring 2013

When you want to reduce your energy consumption, you might swap an incandescent light bulb for a more efficient compact fluorescent. But Rich Varda ’75 thinks bigger — much bigger.

Bob Wills MS’81, PhD’83, JD’91: Urban Cheesemaker

Winter 2012

When night settles on Milwaukee’s near south side, Clock Shadow Creamery starts humming

A Thread of Hope

Winter 2012

At a factory in Latin America, workers are sewing UW apparel, providing for their families, and spreading hope that the global textile industry can change.

Madison Calling

Fall 2012

Hoping to double alumni donations, the UW prepares to roll out an aggressive campaign.

Imagine a Business

Fall 2012

Creative ideas and a supportive campus culture are helping more and more students embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.

Get Real

Winter 2011

RE 306: Real Estate Process

Quick Takes: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

UW News in Brief

Unhappy Hipsters

Spring 2011

The persistence of "hipsters" shines a light on product choices.

En Français, S’il Vous Plaît

Spring 2011

A master’s program prepares students to use French in professions outside the classroom.

A Conversation with The Commish

Spring 2011

Bud Selig looks back on his career, and ahead to a return to Madison, considering it all through “the retrospect of history.”

Licensing Revenue, 2008

Summer 2010

What could you buy with $54.1 million?

Spreading the Love

Summer 2010

Barry Levenson makes a compelling case for his chosen condiment.

Consumer Wake-Up Call

Winter 2009

By necessity, Americans have tightened their belts during the economic downturn‚ but will the valuable lessons learned bring lasting changes to our relationship with money?

Reinventing Wheels

Fall 2009

American automakers have taken their share of wrong turns, but 2009 has been the worst year ever. Can UW-Madison step in with ways to help them get back on the road?

Big Business

Summer 2009

History 247: The History of American Business

Keep in Touch

Spring 2009

Professor studies why, for some, only fingers can do the shopping.