The Future of Food

Winter 2019

As society embraces maximum convenience, UW alumni are transforming the business of on-demand dining.

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2019

Winter 2019

The honorees have made exceptional contributions to the world.

Meet Barbie’s Brand Manager

Fall 2019

Erin Strepy MBA'15 plays with dolls every day because that’s her job.

The Long and Winding Road from Major to Career

Fall 2019

From YouTube star to professional BMX rider, Badger alums have proven the versalitity of a UW diploma.

A Hundred Trucks to Call Her Own

Summer 2019

Renee Meiller

Nancy Spelsberg ’99, MBA’06 will gladly nudge students toward industrial engineering. And it’s not just because she’s a graduate…

On, Alumnae: Larzette Hale-Wilson

Summer 2019

Larzette Hale-Wilson, pictured with accountant Milton Wilson, became the first African American woman in the country to earn a PhD in accounting.…

Five Badger Standouts

Winter 2018

WAA recognizes the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

Chris Linehan Freytag ’87

Winter 2018

Fitness Favorite

Raw Talent

Winter 2018

What Marie Moody ’90 started in her Manhattan apartment has turned into a multimillion-dollar pet-food brand, all thanks to a mutt named Chewy.

New Money

Fall 2018

A UW class explores cryptocurrencies.

Lester Graves Lennon ’73

Fall 2018

Sarah Morton

If you were looking for Lester Graves Lennon ’73 back in the late ’60s, chances are you found him…

Andy Rosengarden ’97

Fall 2018

Joe Vericker

At a bakery where treats serve the greater good, keeping the fiscal house in order is a sweet gig.…

Cynthia Hornig ’91

Summer 2018

Rachel Schultz

Ten years after Cynthia Hornig ’91 and her friend Jen Jones left their jobs in 2001 to start a…

Emma Straub MFA’08

Spring 2018

Andrea Mohin/The New York Times/Redux

A Store Grows In Brooklyn

The planning took months. For a brief moment, when emotions ran…

Erik Iverson

Spring 2018

Erik Iverson calls himself the consummate outsider: he is not a UW–Madison alumnus and he’s not from Wisconsin. But in 2016, he…

A Big Bounce Back

Spring 2018

An NFL career left Brandon Williams ’16 bankrupt. But he’s reinvented himself and found success in multiple fields.

Michael Finley: The Sequel

Spring 2018

After his NBA career ended in 2010, Michael Finley ’14 took roles behind the scenes with the Dallas Mavericks and in Hollywood.

Give What You Get

Winter 2017


If it’s the thought that makes a gift count, here’s a thought that can make your gesture count extra: get…

Jenni Radosevich ’05

Winter 2017

Jon Mattrisch

DIY Career

Jenni Radosevich ’05 (above, center) was crafting long before it was cool — before Pinterest and…

Mike Splinter ’72, MS’74

Winter 2017

Courtesy of Mike Splinter

Taking Stock of Success

When Mike Splinter ’72, MS’74 (above at Rheinfall, Switzerland) joined the board of…

Beyond the Game

Fall 2017

UW program helps student-athletes chart a course for life after sports.

Dairy Drama

Fall 2017

The $43 billion Wisconsin industry has benefited from a long tradition of UW support.

Wait for It

Winter 2019

A study shatters the myth that all entrepreneurs are uber-confident risk-takers.

How to Save a Life

Fall 2017

After hitting bottom, Dean Olsen ’82 used his love for maps and support from UW–Madison to create a tool for preserving the memories of others and build a new life for himself.

A Rink of One’s Own

Summer 2017

Madison’s roller derby league has been instrumental in the evolving sport from its early days, thanks to the dedication of several UW alumnae.

Spring Fashion Show

Spring 2017

In the moments before the music begins, the nervous energy is palpable.

Nearly three dozen student models line up along a…

A Matter of Interest

Spring 2017

When the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in a decade, Simon Potter MS’87, PhD’90 was in charge of carrying out that change. What’s it like to have a front-row seat to keeping the economy humming?

Alt-Rock Apex

Winter 2019

A new documentary tells the story of a legendary Madison recording studio.

Brandon Shields

Winter 2016

A care package in Afghanistan leads a former marine to seek an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business.

Michael Knetter

Winter 2016

The president and CEO of the UW Foundation says our strength is in our numbers.

Alumni Artists

Fall 2016

“There are way too many artists and way too few galleries,” says Barry Carlsen MFA’83. That’s why he started Big Ten(t), an alliance connecting…

Living the Wisconsin Idea

Spring 2016

For nearly a decade, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored UW–Madison alumni under the age of forty who have excelled in…

Private prisons

Winter 2015

Istock image.

States may not be getting the financial benefits that the $5 billion private prison industry advertises. Anita Mukherjee, an assistant…

Get Real

Winter 2011

RE 306: Real Estate Process

Stacy Igel ’99

Fall 2015

The force behind Boy Meets Girl, a clothing line aimed at young women.

Counting the Ways

Summer 2015

A new report points to UW–Madison’s impact on the state.

Kings of Sherman Park

Summer 2015

Herb Kohl ’56 and Bud Selig ’56.

Plastics Pioneers

Summer 2015

This ubiquitous material has surprising roots at UW — and it's a connection that spurred a thriving Wisconsin industry.

From Wisconsin Ideas to Global Products

Winter 2014

A new effort guides entrepreneurs from campus to commercialization.

Leading the Whey

Fall 2014

A tart beverage makes for a sweet partnership.