An Investment during ‘Tough Times’

Summer 2009

Chancellor’s undergraduate initiative gains support from board of regents.

A Crescendo is Building

Spring 2009

The plans for a new campus performance center are music to many ears.

Word Games

Spring 2009

LCA Language 307: First Semester Hmong

Having a Ball

Spring 2009

Snowball fight on Bascom Hill

Empty Den Syndrome

Spring 2009

A Mama Badger blogs about saying good-bye.

Failing the Fitness Test

Spring 2009

Recreational Sports Board asks for $60 million to pump up facilities.

Team Player: Valyncia Raphael

Spring 2009

Left fielder hopes she’ll make her biggest hit off the field.

All Together Now

Spring 2009

Chancellor calls upon cooperation and innovation during tough economic times.

First in Their Families

Spring 2009

About one out of every five students in the UW’s 2008 freshman class is entitled to say, “I’m the first person in my immediate family to go to college.”

Legal Aid

Spring 2009

The Consumer Law Litigation Clinic takes aim at bad business.

See Food?

Spring 2009

Photographing meals aids healthy eating.

Student Watch

Spring 2009

First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)

UW Wall-to-Wall

Spring 2009

A look at groups that Badgers have formed online.