Alnisa Allgood

Fall 2018

The UW’s LGBT student center opened its doors 26 years ago.

Audio Philes

Summer 2018

Students study podcasts as the medium takes off.

Surprise Package

Summer 2018

First-year students link arms and sing ‘Varsity’ at the end of the Chancellor’s Convocation for New Students, a Wisconsin Welcome event.

Get Happy

Spring 2018

A popular consumer science course digs into our relationship with money.

Mystery Solved

The List Issue featured four University Archives images in search of captions. Readers answered the call and helped identify three of them, with…

Taking Safety Seriously

Spring 2018

A new app transforms smartphones into personal safety devices.

Spring Break

Can we have class outside today? Environmental science students enjoy the environment on a spring day in 2017. Science Hall houses the Nelson Institute for…

4 Classes You Wish You Had Taken

Winter 2017

Jeff Miller

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 323:
Science of Climate Change

Communication Arts 540:
Superhero TV and Cultural Power…

9 Student Clubs

There’s no shortage of choices for UW students in search of a group to match their interests.

Dow: 50 Years Later

Winter 2017

A moment in history that transformed the lives of many students and the UW campus.

4 Photos in Search of a Caption

Winter 2017

UW Archives is working to digitize each piece of UW history for people to both use and share, but with limited resources, that’s easier said than done.

5 Campus Rivalries

Winter 2017

Competition has always been a part of student life.

24 UW-Madison Firsts

Winter 2017

From the beginning, the UW has been a higher education pioneer in research, education, and innovation.

Wisconsin Singers

For five decades, the Wisconsin Singers have taken their act on the road to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the university. Former WAA…

SERF’s Down

Fall 2017

Jeff Miller

For years, overcrowding and long lines have been the norm at the SERF (Southeast Recreational Facility), built in 1983…

Physics Museum

Fall 2017

Above and below: Students from the Milwaukee Excellence Charter School explored hands-on exhibits during a tour of the L. R. Ingersoll Physics…

Football Fight

Fall 2017

As the sport’s popularity swelled in the 1900s, a UW professor took on college football and tried to reform it, facing the wrath of students and fans.

Brain Trust

Fall 2017

UW professor Tony Stretton is well into his fourth decade of teaching undergraduates the wonders of brain science — and still has a lot of fun doing it.

Jake Lubenow

Summer 2017

Jake Lubenow x’18

With more than 300 dues-paying members, the College Republicans of UW–Madison is one of the organization’s…

Lake Laboratory

Dawn patrol on Lake Mendota: Carolyn Voter PhDx’18 (right) and Alexandra Linz ’13, PhDx’18 collect water samples before sunrise. The work was part of a…

Class of 2020

Summer 2017

Sources: Academic Planning and Institutional Research; UW–Madison Office of the Registrar…

“Yes, and …”

Summer 2017

Improv techniques help medical professionals learn creativity and spontaneity.

Protest vs. Disrupt

Summer 2017

Free-speech guidelines address a delicate balance.

Russia in Focus

Summer 2017

The new Wisconsin Russia Project aims to help the U.S. be more prepared to manage a calculating Kremlin with yet-to-be-determined ambitions.

Maddie Wanamaker

Summer 2017

A Badger rower renews her love for the sport.

Classrooms Mobilized

Spring 2017

From telegraphy to auto repair to engineers, the UW campus organized to prepare student soldiers for war.

Food as Ammo

Spring 2017

From meatless Tuesdays to research aimed at improving agricultural production, food was deemed a key weapon against the Germans.

Women Make Waves

Spring 2017

UW Archives [UWYearBk1920.p0371]

The war yielded some positive outcomes for female students. Many gained leadership positions on campus that had…

Spring Fashion Show

Spring 2017

In the moments before the music begins, the nervous energy is palpable.

Nearly three dozen student models line up along a…

Eric Brown II

Spring 2017

The road to becoming a college athlete wasn’t always a smooth one.

Taking a Stand

“Inside College Basketball’s Most Political Locker Room” was the New York Times headline for a fall story that featured Badgers Nigel Hayes, Jordan Hill, and…

All Hands on Deck

Spring 2017

Scientists weren’t the only faculty members to assist the government — historians, geologists, and others pitched in, too.

Diversity’s Complex History

Winter 2016

Jeff Miller

When some schools barred the door, UW–Madison welcomed black students from around the country who then went…

Brandon Shields MBAx’17

Winter 2016

A care package in Afghanistan leads a former marine to seek an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business.

Then and Now

Winter 2016

After 25 years of covering UW–Madison, a university photographer revisits the people and places he’s captured to show how they’ve changed.

One Text Away

Fall 2016

College students and their parents are in closer contact than ever, and that bond has transformed the way universities interact with families.

Social Strategy

Fall 2016

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are part of everyday life. What happens when political candidates and their campaigns wade into the social media scrum?

Rafael Gaglianone

Fall 2016

The Badger kicker’s journey to Wisconsin began in Brazil.

Physician, Heal Thyself

Summer 2016

Burnout and depression are common among medical students, but a UW course teaches them tools to stay healthy, along with their patients.

Musical Theater Performance

Summer 2016

When we start staging things, if you don’t know your lyrics, you are going to get killed