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I Pledge Allegiance to the Class

Winter 2022

The UW School of Education has a plan for keeping teachers on the job.

The Beloved Badger Bash

Fall 2022

The pregame party has grown from low-key to high-powered.

Coach of the Year

Fall 2022

Greg Gard has overcome adversity to lead Badger men’s basketball to new heights.

Looking Back to Move Forward

Fall 2022

UW–Madison grapples with the prejudice in its past.

A Mighty Feat of Reading

Summer 2022

This UW student set a goal of finishing a book a day for an entire year — and surpassed it.

Light a Candle for Ukraine

Summer 2022

A Library Mall vigil prays for peace.

Good and Bad Advice from UW’s Past

Summer 2022

Wiscetiquette shared tips for getting by on campus in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s.

A Hockey Star’s Epic Farewell

Spring 2022

Daryl Watts x’22 ends a stellar Badger career on her own terms.

Getting That Degree in Record Time

Spring 2022

Even during a pandemic, graduation rates are rising.

People in Our Pages

Spring 2022

On Wisconsin’s Spring 2022 issue reestablishes human contact.

A Gateway to Higher Education

Spring 2022

Bucky’s Tuition Promise has transformed student lives — and campus itself.

Let Us Count the Ways

Winter 2021

The effects of the All Ways Forward comprehensive campaign are everywhere, though many are subtle.

A Quarterback’s State of Mind

Fall 2021

Graham Mertz x’23 puts his meditation skills to use on and off the field.

The Milk Carton Is Obsolete

Fall 2021

Creative UW students reconceive it as a pouch.

Celebrating the Divine Nine

Fall 2021

A new UW plaza commemorates Black fraternities and sororities.

How I Survived the Pandemic

Summer 2021

UW students learned to navigate a campus turned upside down.

A Record Number of Applications

Spring 2021

Even in a pandemic, UW–Madison meets enrollment goals.

Image vs. Reality

Spring 2021

In a pandemic, illustrating our spring issue was no easy task.

Finding a Voice, against All Odds

Spring 2021

The UW Odyssey Project empowers nontraditional students to speak up and pursue their dreams.

Coping with Isolation and Uncertainty

Spring 2021

UW Mental Health Services addresses an urgent need for care.

International Enrollment Drops

Winter 2020

Pandemic-related challenges keep some students home.

So Long, SATs

Winter 2020

For now, standardized tests are optional for UW admission.

Topsy-Turvy 2020

Winter 2020

Images from an extraordinary year on campus by UW photographers Jeff Miller and Bryce Richter

A Place Where You Belong

Fall 2020

The Multicultural Student Center offers a safe haven for students of color.

A Smart Restart

Fall 2020

The UW welcomes back students with safety measures in place.


Fall 2020

Missing campus, a student devises a virtual version.

Students Feeding Students

Summer 2020

The Open Seat addresses food insecurity on campus.

When the Unthinkable Happens

Summer 2020

An emergency fund helps students weather the COVID-19 crisis.

“Hey, I’m an Ally for Mental Health”

Summer 2020

The Bandana Project turns students into supporters for struggling classmates.

Pandemic Action Plan

Summer 2020

The university’s quick response, by the numbers.

Pay to Play in the NCAA

Spring 2020

UW athletes could profit from a rule change regarding sponsorships.

The Creation Station

Spring 2020

UW Makerspace puts no limits on a student’s imagination.

Walking, Talking, and Gawking

Spring 2020

The official UW–Madison tour brings a magical campus to life.

A Scholarship Inspired by Love

Fall 2019

The Mercile J. Lee Scholars Program reflects its namesake's humane approach.

Learning the Ropes — Literally

Fall 2019

Participants in UW Adventure Learning Programs (ALPs) ride a giant swing at a new facility in Stoughton, Wisconsin. ALPs — a student organization — administers…

A Laboratory for Financial Aid

Summer 2019

Mackenzie Straub x’22 (pictured) was one of 796 incoming students during the 2018–19 academic year receiving free tuition through Bucky’s Tuition Promise.…

Safety Check

Winter 2018

Jeff Miller

After a doctor affiliated with Michigan State University was convicted of sexually assaulting numerous young women under his care,…

For the Birds

Winter 2018

Mason Muerhoff

Nomen est omen, said the ancient Romans, who liked their maxims to rhyme: one’s name is one’s destiny. And…

Suicide Prevention

Winter 2018

Valerie Donovan ’11, MA’12 coordinates resources and support networks across campus.

Local News

Winter 2018

An aspiring journalist chooses an unexpected stop on his career path: his hometown newspaper.