Social sciences

Mind Tricks for the Masses

Summer 2010

The flamboyant Joseph Jastrow founded the UW’s psychology department and helped shape the fledgling science.

Bully Pulpit

Spring 2010

Certain friends can help kids who are picked on at school.

Speakin’ Palinese

Spring 2010

Why the heck does Sarah Palin talk like a Midwesterner?

The Changing Face of Publishing

Spring 2010

As profit margins shrink and technological change speeds up, academic publishers face an uncertain future — but the UW Press is adapting to the new realities of bookselling in the twenty-first century.

Come On-A My House

Winter 2009

Longtime sociological study continues with in-home interviews.


Summer 2009

Conventional wisdom says that TV is bad for kids, but research is finding that good messages can prevail — if parents choose programming wisely.

What Is Educational Television?

Summer 2009

Pop quiz: Is the TV show Hannah Montana educational? If your answer is no, guess again.

The Obama Effect

Summer 2009

Obama's election impacts views on race.