On Wisconsin

How to Stage a Lynching

By John Allen

As a graduate student, theater professor Patrick Sims became engrossed in the story of lynching survivor James Cameron. For a decade, he's been working to create a one-man play that preserves Cameron's place in history.

Voices of Experience

We take them for granted — until we suddenly lose them, that is. Thanks to an unusual clinic, people who rely on their voices to make a living have a place to turn for help.

The Tug of War

The welcome mat is out when today's soldiers return to campus, unlike what their Vietnam counterparts experienced while reentering civilian life during an uncivil era.

Integrative Medicine Man

David Rakel is one of the pioneers in the field of integrative medicine, which combines conventional and alternative treatments. He believes the discipline's emphasis on prevention can help cut rising health care costs, but skepticism remains.

State of the Arts

From the university's earliest years, the arts have held a special place on campus — for those who create or perform and for those who experience the results.

Fall 2010

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