On Wisconsin

The Wayfinders

By Jenny Price ’96

After the initial shock of hearing a grave health prognosis comes the confusion. But thanks to a unique UW program, patients can count on help to weigh the options and chart their own paths.

Amazing Grace

Gaining hands-on experience, helping those who have nowhere else to turn, and contributing to the UW medical school’s culture of giving back‚ it’s all woven into student-organized clinics like this one at Grace church.

Hillel [Encapsulated]

If Hillel asked us, here’s what On Wisconsin would place in a time capsule in the organization’s new Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life.

Consumer Wake-Up Call

By necessity, Americans have tightened their belts during the economic downturn‚ but will the valuable lessons learned bring lasting changes to our relationship with money?

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

Some of the most popular quotations ever to infiltrate our culture were contributed by UW alumni. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, or simply entertained.