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Floating in Furs

Photo: UW-Madison Archives

Photo: UW-Madison Archives

Residents from Ann Emery Hall, then a private women’s dormitory, set sail on their lawn as part of a Homecoming tableau in November 1931. The display, which involved a boat, a stormy sea, and a lighthouse, won first prize among dorm entries that year.

The 1931 Homecoming was a rough one for the Badgers, who lost 6 to 0 to Ohio State, and the Emery women’s display turned out to be surprisingly apropos. Although meteorologists forecast perfect weather for game day, Madison instead received a deluge. Twelve hours of rain turned Camp Randall into a swamp, and the sun never made an appearance. Fans were frustrated by a heavy fog that blanketed the field in the third and fourth quarters, and few managed to see the lone score, when Ohio State blocked a Wisconsin punt and recovered it in the end zone.

It seemed all of campus was descending into chaos that weekend. Homecoming festivities turned into a riot when some five hundred student revelers stormed the Orpheum Theatre. The Capital Times covered the riot like a sporting event, giving it a tally in injuries and arrests. The police, they wrote, “scored two knock-downs and three POW.”

In 2009, Ann Emery still stands at 265 Langdon Street, though it’s now an apartment building. And Homecoming was considerably calmer, with no call for lifeboats.

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  • Granddaughter June 27, 2011

    Hello Ann Emery Hall… when i was a little girl in the 50’s, my maternal grandmother was one of the cooks for Ann Emery Hall. She never owned a car, so my parents would give her rides to/from work. I pass AE Hall almost every weekday and remember my maternal grandmother fondly… Happy memories

  • Patricia Allen Mabie January 11, 2014

    My mother, Caroline Hartl, is second from the right in this photo. She lived in Ann Emery as well as did I her daughter. It was the BEST place to live. Wonderful memories……

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