Letters: Fall and Summer Issue Fans

This might well be the first time I’ve ever written to a university alumni journal, but your Fall 2009 issue moves me to let you know that all five feature articles were very well done.

I’m an alumnus of UWO [University of Western Ontario] in London, Ontario, and also of the University of Toronto, so when your magazine comes along, I think to myself that as emeritus professor, I know most of this local stuff, so I can skip over it quickly, but it sure didn’t happen this time. I enjoyed every minute (most of yesterday afternoon) reading it.

Richard Steeves

UW Hospital and Clinics Madison

I just finished reading your notes at the front of the Summer 2009 issue of On Wisconsin. I never, ever throw this magazine out until I’ve read it from cover to cover. It’s a great magazine, and I always feel stirred by the articles in it.

My first UW degree was in journalism, then law. I often say that journalism was more important, as it gives me a passion for clear expression. I love to edit contracts as a result.

Keep up the fine work.

Kathryn VandenBerk ’71, JD’79

Highland, Illinois

Published in the Winter 2009 issue


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