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More Than Just Being Green

WAA embraces sustainability as annual theme.

Sustainability_logo_4_____WAThis year, as UW-Madison and the nation mark the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day, the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) is doing its part to promote sustainability by thinking green and showing the impact of Badger red.

“We’re mindful that the choices we make can leave a lasting impact on the quality of life for future generations,” says Paula Bonner MS’78, WAA’s president and CEO. “And as UW-Madison alumni, we have the knowledge, curiosity, and commitment to enhance our world in ways that benefit future Badgers and the greater good.”

Throughout 2010, WAA’s events, programs, and services will focus on sustaining resources and maintaining opportunities close to Badger hearts and minds — healthy environments, respectful communities, access to a UW education, interest in lifelong learning, and an understanding of UW history and the shared Wisconsin Experience.

This commitment is inspired in part by UW-Madison’s strategic plan, which calls for preparing students for a global economy; providing political, social, and cultural understanding of the world; and nurturing abilities to serve genuinely human ends and protect the planet.

The association’s responsible stewardship and commitment to Badger traditions begins with this very magazine, now printed on recycled paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, as is WAA’s membership publication, Badger Insider.

“With a simple step like keeping e-mail addresses and alumni profiles updated online, grads can also take advantage of paperless communications,” Bonner says.

Alumni will also recognize this theme at Founders’ Day events across the United States this spring, when many faculty and staff will speak about sustainable practices and traditions in their respective fields. And at the upcoming Distinguished Alumni Awards, WAA will honor graduates who have demonstrated their own commitments to sustaining important causes. That ceremony will appropriately take place on April 22, 2010 — Earth Day.

Learn more about WAA’s commitment.

Published in the Winter 2009 issue


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