The Travel Detective

Winter 2019

Journalist Peter Greenberg ’72 crisscrosses the globe to dig up inside info on the world’s largest industry.

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2019

Winter 2019

The honorees have made exceptional contributions to the world.

Photography vs. Segregation

Summer 2019

In 2002, Gillian Laub ’97 made what would be the first of many trips to Mount Vernon, Georgia, to photograph the lives of teenagers…

Wisconsin History: The Video Game

Summer 2019

A young girl — Jo Wilder — solves mysteries of the state.

The Golden Age of TV is Now

Spring 2019

No matter how viewers are binge-watching television these days, they might as well call it Badger-watching, given the multifaceted ways that UW alumni are contributing to our favorite shows.

What’s On?

Winter 2019

From 1953 to today, the TV-watching experience has evolved on campus.

Scary Story

Fall 2018

The creepy history of Science Hall provided inspiration for a UW professor’s gothic novel.


Fall 2018

Brian Stack MA’88 is poised at the pinnacle of late-night comedy — writing and performing for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Jenni Radosevich ’05

Winter 2017

Jon Mattrisch

DIY Career

Jenni Radosevich ’05 (above, center) was crafting long before it was cool — before Pinterest and…

Steve Marmel ’88

Fall 2017

From campus comedian to a king of kids' comedy.

Popular Science

Fall 2017

Can Bill Nye, the famed Science Guy of the ’90s, really save the world?

Oscar the Optimist?

Summer 2017

Sesame Street partners with UW researchers to promote kindness.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Winter 2016

Photo by Jeff Miller

UW–Madison’s long-standing tradition of fearless sifting and winnowing is rekindled each year through the

Dalton Trumbo’s Papers

Spring 2016

The UW holds a piece of Hollywood history.

Raney Aronson-Rath ’92

Spring 2016

She uses virtual reality to tell some of the world's toughest — and most important — stories.


Fall 2015

Groundbreaking series from Jill Soloway ’87 nets eleven Emmy nominations.

Sweet Victory

Spring 2015

For the second time, Badgers have won The Amazing Race.

Practical Magic

Fall 2014

Fans of Harry Potter and other pop-culture touchstones transform into activists.

Final Four

Summer 2014

NCAA men’s basketball tournament semifinal, AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, April 5, 2014

Abbey Rules

Winter 2013

Catering to our obsession with the entire tradition of stately homes, titles, and pomp and circumstance.


Fall 2013

As Title IX turns forty, film producer Libby Geist ’02 explores nine female athletes who changed their gender's world.

Marshall Brickman ’62: The Jersey Score “Dueling Banjos” to Jersey Boys

Summer 2013

“My theory of life — and career choices — then and now is to hang out with people that I don’t mind having lunch with.”

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

Flat-Screen Rivalry

Spring 2013

TV competes with children for parental attention.

Finding Your Inner Neanderthal

Winter 2012

Modern scientific tools provide clues to an ancient species.

Emily Friedman ’07: On the Campaign Trail

Summer 2012

Emily Friedman has a front-row seat to history as an ABC News digital reporter covering Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

WAA Honors 2012 Distinguished Alumni

Summer 2012

Meet five Badgers every alum should know.

Badgers on the Big (and Small) Screen

Summer 2011

Scriptwriters use creative license to claim connections to Wisconsin.

Family Man

Spring 2011

Steven Levitan reaches new heights by writing what he knows.

Mary Beltrán

Winter 2010

When she watches television, it’s with an eye on diversity, as well as entertainment.