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Sweet Victory


Photo: Robert Voets/CBS

For the second time, Badgers have won The Amazing Race. Food science graduate students Amy De Jong ’12, PhDx’17 (center) and Maya Warren PhDx’15 (right) came from behind to win the $1 million prize on the CBS reality show. (Host Phil Keoghan is on the left.) Competing as the “Sweet Scientists,” the pair followed in the footsteps of Dave and Rachel ’03 Brown, who won in 2012. “UW–Madison is a special place,” says Warren. “It gets ridiculously cold here, but people still tough it out and have a good time and make the most of every situation. And that’s [what] we were able to do on the race — just have a good time in spite of the obstacles that came our way.”

Published in the Spring 2015 issue


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