Naming Rights

Fall 2013

When the time came to name their children, these couples decided that only once choice would do.


Spring 2013

Images from UW–Madison’s account on Instagram

By the Numbers

Spring 2013

The applicants are . . .

Badger Tracks

Winter 2012

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Robert’s Rules

Summer 2012

This former sprinter now trains pro basketball players — and has a track record for results.

After the clock ran out

Spring 2012

Nobody does it better: win or lose . . . Badger fans unite.

Bucky Badger Always Warms My Heart

Winter 2011

There is a warm spot reserved in my heart for Buckingham U. “Bucky” Badger.

Flaps Down—Don’t Want to Hear It

Winter 2011

Welcome to the Big Ten ...

Letters: Makin’ the Scene

Summer 2011

Re: Scene, Spring 2011

Sconnies in Coastie Country

Spring 2011

Badger fans tried their hardest to make their team feel at home at this year’s Rose Bowl.

What a Feeling!

Winter 2010

Fans took to the field in celebration after Wisconsin defeated No. 1 Ohio State.

Head-On Collision

Winter 2010

With every brain she dissects, neuropathologist Ann McKee ’75 discovers more about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the disease that results from repeated brain injuries. Her studies are changing how sports — especially football — are played.

Cane Toss

Fall 2010

One of Homecoming's biggest spectacles doesn't involve the marching band or the football team.