Beyond the Game

Fall 2017

UW program helps student-athletes chart a course for life after sports.

Built on Tradition

Fall 2017

UW Archives UW.CLP-A0385.bib; Bryce Richter; photo illustration by Danielle Lawry

Long before “Jump Around” and the Fifth Quarter, the 50-acre lot …

Jim Leonhard

Fall 2017

The former Badger walk-on is the youngest defensive coordinator in the Big Ten.

Football Fight

Fall 2017

As the sport’s popularity swelled in the 1900s, a UW professor took on college football and tried to reform it, facing the wrath of students and fans.

Football Photo Gallery

Fall 2017

Images and memorabilia from the early years of the UW’s football team.

Rafael Gaglianone

Fall 2016

The Badger kicker’s journey to Wisconsin began in Brazil.


Summer 2016

Naheed Qureshi ’94 works for justice and equality for American Muslims, who face discrimination, violence and hateful rhetoric.

Ws Around the World

Summer 2016

It’s become a signature display of UW pride: Badgers hold up both hands with thumbs touching and index fingers pointing outward to form a W. …

History in Their Own Words

Spring 2016

Former Badger football player Lewis Ritcherson, Jr. ’70 (pictured in 1967) spoke with campus historians. Courtesy UW-Madison Archives S16987

In the years …

The Good Guy

Winter 2015

Troy Vincent was a standout in Badger and pro football, but these days he’s determined to reach a different goal line for the NFL — and it’s personal. He’s a survivor of domestic abuse determined to find ways to help others.

Olive Sagapolu

Winter 2015

Freshman defensive lineman Olive Sagapolu won’t be doing backflips at Camp Randall anytime soon, but he’s taking lessons learned from being a high school cheerleader with him to the gridiron.

A New Mission

Fall 2015

For veterans who feel adrift upon returning home, Jake Wood ’05 has a suggestion: come along with us.

Very Superstitious

Fall 2017

These Badgers say that following a ritual can make all the difference on the field, court, or ice.

Walk-Ons: Despite the Odds

Fall 2017

It might be because they've had to try harder, but Wisconsin's football walk-ons have gone on to remarkable success — on the gridiron and beyond.

Homecoming Buttons

Fall 2015

Pete Christianson ’71, JD’77 is on a mission.

An Outback Bowl To Remember

Spring 2015

Photo: Pete Christianson.

From left are Mike Artus, Kelli Trumble ’79, Emily Artus, Cindy Artus, and Ben Borcher. Emily Artus, who has …

Paul Who?

Spring 2015

Introducing the new football coach: Paul Chryst ’88.

Football Helmets

Winter 2014

Do Models Matter?

Quick Takes: Winter 2014

Winter 2014

UW News in Brief.

The Kick that Captivated a Country

Fall 2014

An excerpt from The Opening Kickoff explores how UW legend Pat O'Dea "put the foot in football" and gained long-overdue respect for the Wisconsin team during the early days of intercollegiate athletics.

Student Football Tickets

Fall 2014

Long before Badger football season gets underway ... certain lucky students make the equivalent of a touchdown pass by securing season-ticket packages.

Meet the Terps

Fall 2014

Muppets, but no Mendota ...

Head Injuries: Tiny Subjects Shed Light

Spring 2014

UW scientists find that fruit flies can inform damage in humans.

Badger Tracks Winter 2013

Winter 2013

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Badger Sports Ticker: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

UW Athletic News in brief

Kletsch’s Klunkers

Fall 2013

Good luck, Coach Andersen

Team Player: James White x’14

Fall 2013

“It feels like just yesterday I was one of the young people in the [locker] room.”

Naming Rights

Fall 2013

When the time came to name their children, these couples decided that only once choice would do.


Spring 2013

Images from UW–Madison’s account on Instagram

By the Numbers

Spring 2013

The applicants are . . .

Badger Tracks

Winter 2012

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Robert’s Rules

Summer 2012

This former sprinter now trains pro basketball players — and has a track record for results.

After the clock ran out

Spring 2012

Nobody does it better: win or lose . . . Badger fans unite.

Bucky Badger Always Warms My Heart

Winter 2011

There is a warm spot reserved in my heart for Buckingham U. “Bucky” Badger.

Flaps Down—Don’t Want to Hear It

Winter 2011

Welcome to the Big Ten ...

Letters: Makin’ the Scene

Summer 2011

Re: Scene, Spring 2011

Sconnies in Coastie Country

Spring 2011

Badger fans tried their hardest to make their team feel at home at this year’s Rose Bowl.

What a Feeling!

Winter 2010

Fans took to the field in celebration after Wisconsin defeated No. 1 Ohio State.

Head-On Collision

Winter 2010

With every brain she dissects, neuropathologist Ann McKee ’75 discovers more about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the disease that results from repeated brain injuries. Her studies are changing how sports — especially football — are played.

Cane Toss

Fall 2010

One of Homecoming's biggest spectacles doesn't involve the marching band or the football team.