Witte Gets Pretty

Winter 2019

An ingenious renovation allowed occupants to remain in the residence hall.

One Little Problem with 5G Cellular Networks

Fall 2019

They might interfere with weather forecasting.

On, Alumnae: Thelma Estrin

Summer 2019

Estrin introduced computing technology to medical research, leading the way to today’s health-care systems. Wikimedia Commons

Thelma Estrin ’48, MS’49, PhD’52 blazed…

Five Badger Standouts

Winter 2018

WAA recognizes the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

Brian Stockmaster MFA’98

Winter 2018

Charlie Simokaitis

When Barack Obama appeared before cheering crowds in Chicago on the night he won the 2008 election, Brian Stockmaster…

Bridge Builder

Fall 2018

Rod Hassett ’62 has sourced his hometown to inspire the next generation of engineers — diversifying his profession along the way.

How to Trust a Robot

Summer 2018

Bill Hibbard ’70, MS’73, PhD’95 and other artificial-intelligence experts want to ensure that AI meets its potential for good — avoids dystopian scenarios.

Charles and Sara Rippey

Spring 2018

A love story meets a tragic ending.

5 Campus Rivalries

Winter 2017

Competition has always been a part of student life.

Mike Splinter ’72, MS’74

Winter 2017

Courtesy of Mike Splinter

Taking Stock of Success

When Mike Splinter ’72, MS’74 (above at Rheinfall, Switzerland) joined the board of…

Pokémon Who?

Winter 2016

George Clerk/ISTOCK

Even if you didn’t spend the summer desperately seeking a Dratini, you’ve surely heard of Pokémon

A Diploma, at Last

Fall 2016

For a World War I veteran’s loved ones, a UW degree is better later than never.

Laura Albert McLay

Spring 2016

How to pick a better bracket.

Apple Core

Spring 2016

UW computer sciences professor Gurindar Sohi developed technology that is at the heart of a legal dispute with Apple, Inc.

Better Building Blocks

Spring 2016


Lego wants to turn its iconic bricks green by investing $150 million to find cleaner ways to manufacture them. But the…

The Job Equation

Winter 2015

There’s a STEM boom at the UW, with those majors accounting for 40 percent of degrees.

Plastics Pioneers

Summer 2015

This ubiquitous material has surprising roots at UW — and it's a connection that spurred a thriving Wisconsin industry.

Introduction to Private Pilot

Summer 2015

Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics 601

Quick Takes: Fall 2014

Fall 2014

UW News in Brief

Out of Sync

Summer 2014

On March 7, 2014, the lights went out for the last time at UW–Madison’s Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC).

Blown Away by Piano

Summer 2014

I enjoyed the article about UW pianist Christopher Taylor [“Frankenpianist,” Spring 2014].

In particular, it was great to hear that the dual manual Steinway…

Nuclear Engineering 234

Spring 2014

Nuclear Engineering 234

Spotlight on innovation

Winter 2013

What started as a gutsy notion among four UW undergrads (we could do this better) has grown into a wildly successful theatrical-lighting enterprise based in Badgerland.

Classic Car Enthusiast

Summer 2013

Engineering professor explores the mysteries of chariots.

Quick Takes: Spring 2013

Spring 2013

UW news in brief

An Ill Wind

Spring 2013

Superstorm Sandy shows the capacity of UW satellite science.

Big Red Landing

Winter 2012

An alumnus journeys from Madison to Mars.

Mobility Marvel

Fall 2012

Engineering students help a surgeon get back on his feet in the OR.

Anders Andren

Summer 2012

The Sea Grant’s long-time director charts a new course.

Ring around the Roads

Summer 2012

’Round and ’round the automobiles go, but how they crash, only TOPS knows.

Shared Space

Spring 2012

When three UW alumnae get to work each day, it’s all about astronauts and space suits and an evolving partnership with Russia to explore the universe. How cool is that?

Delicate Balance

Winter 2011

As China gains prominence on the world stage, the university strengthens its connections.

Big Red Wagon

Winter 2011

The antique fire engine returns, greener than ever.

Thinking Machines

Winter 2011

UW researchers help IBM try to create a cognitive computer chip.

Driver’s Education

Winter 2011

A virtual behind-the-wheel experience tracks behavior on the road.

Driven to Distraction

Spring 2010

How do we keep drivers’ minds on the road?

Rough Landing

Spring 2010

After the quake, student group returns safely from Haiti.

Bucky Wagon Goes Electric

Winter 2009

Engineering students will upgrade a campus institution.

Student Watch

Winter 2009

Whose ’bot is the best?

Patients Know Best

Winter 2009

Project banks on nobody knowing your health better than you do.