Stem Cells at 20

Winter 2018

It’s been two decades since the first human embryonic stem cell lines were derived at UW–Madison. What effect has the discovery had on scientific research and human health?

Five Badger Standouts

Winter 2018

WAA recognizes the 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

Diplomatic Dilemma

Winter 2018

Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold ’75 returns to the UW to teach, calling on his experiences in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Deadly Cold

Fall 2018

A cautionary tale about human interactions with wild apes.

Jessica Weeks

Fall 2018

A UW expert discusses the “dark side” of international relations: dictatorships.

Peace Out

Summer 2018

A collection of international flags serves as a buffet table centerpiece during a Global House Party event at the University Club. Jeff


Summer 2018

UW–Madison researchers in South Africa are at the heart of work that is unraveling the mysteries of the universe, determining when and how life …

Alex Frecon ’09

Summer 2018

Courtesy of Howe International Friendship League

When Alex Frecon ’09 left his home in Minnesota to play hockey against the North …

58 Frozen Landmarks

Winter 2017

Badgers have made their mark on Antarctica, thanks to the UW’s long history of research and exploration of the continent.

The Voice

Fall 2017

For Spanish-speaking members of the St. Louis Cardinals, translator Alexandra Noboa-Chehade ’09 is an essential part of the team. “You eat, sleep, and dream baseball,” she says.

Kabul Restaurant

Fall 2017

A State Street favorite finds a new home.

Our Man in Berlin

Summer 2017

As a foreign correspondent in Germany, Louis Lochner 1909 chronicled the rise of the Third Reich and helped Americans understand how Adolf Hitler amassed power.

Festival of Colors

Summer 2017

Jeff Miller

Hundreds of students participated in the spirited Hindu tradition of throwing bright colored powder during Rang de Madison, …

Russia in Focus

Summer 2017

The new Wisconsin Russia Project aims to help the U.S. be more prepared to manage a calculating Kremlin with yet-to-be-determined ambitions.

A Refuge for Hope

Summer 2017

At the peak of the refugee crisis in Greece, Amed Khan ’91 found a way to bring humanity to an inhumane situation.

Great Fall of China

Summer 2017

Should a Chinese couple have one baby? Two? More? UW obstetrician Fuxian Yi and his homeland are at odds over children.

Push for Peace

Spring 2017

When war broke out in Europe in 1914, a UW English professor proposed another path.

Around the World in Eight Badgers

Spring 2017

As more Americans decide to live and work abroad, alums on each of the seven continents share what they like about their new lives and offer advice for fellow Badgers who dream of similar moves.

Eric Barrow ’93

Spring 2017

Andy Clayton, New York Daily News

Six months after graduating, Eric Barrow ’93 was knocking around Tokyo, brushing up on …

Cambodia Protests

Spring 2017

A look back at May 1970 through the lens of an alum’s camera

All Hands on Deck

Spring 2017

Scientists weren’t the only faculty members to assist the government — historians, geologists, and others pitched in, too.

Stitching History

Spring 2017

UW students connect to a designer’s lost legacy.

Planet IceCube

Winter 2016

This eerie, moonlit setting looks like it could be on another planet, but it’s right here on Earth. At the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica, …

Lynsey Addario ’95

Spring 2019

She has spent her career documenting both unthinkable human suffering and the daily lives of ordinary people in faraway places.

Spring 2016

Nuclear conspiracy

The title of director/editor Chad Gracia ’92’s debut documentary film — The Russian Woodpecker — invites so many …

Living the Wisconsin Idea

Spring 2016

For nearly a decade, the Wisconsin Alumni Association has honored UW–Madison alumni under the age of forty who have excelled in …

Study Abroad

Spring 2016

Badgers far and away.

Shell Shocker

Spring 2016

Galápagos Islands find.

Scott Wilhelm ’01

Spring 2016

He helps travelers go way off the beaten path.

Chasing Abloh

Winter 2015

The hunt for UW’s most elusive designer.

Hunters No More

Winter 2015

Two UW alumni are working closely with African tribal warriors, teaching them how to protect — rather than kill — the majestic lions that roam their lands.

Chazen Mural-in-Progress

Winter 2015

Japanese artist Manabu Ikeda’s work is massive, but the overall size is only a small part of his unique vision.

Timely Debut

Summer 2015

Amid news of normalization efforts between the United States and Cuba, Apertura [Opening]: Photography in Cuba Today has made a timely debut at the Chazen Museum of Art.

Badgers Helping Badgers

Summer 2015

Alumni are networking around careers, diverse communities, and global connections.

How to Beat Ebola

Summer 2015

UW scientists make encouraging progress toward a vaccine.

The Best Class I Ever Took

Summer 2015

[“The Warlord’s Biographer,” Spring 2015], was an excellent article! Brian [Glyn] Williams was my teacher back in Madison (1998, I think) for a Central …

A Historic Visit

Summer 2015

[In regard to Flashback in the Spring 2015 issue]: When I was an eleven-year-old, my mother, Etta Wittchow Barfknecht ’31, brought me to Madison …

The Warlord’s Biographer

Spring 2015

In his recent book, Brian Williams PhD’99 sets the record straight on Afghanistani general and now vice president Abdul Dostum, who, along with his cavalry of two thousand Uzbek horsemen, helped the United States defeat the Taliban in a key battle in late 2001.

Design Studies 501: Global Artisans and Pragmatic Design

Spring 2015

The cultures of multiple homelands were stitched together in a School of Human Ecology class during fall semester.

Safe Haven

Spring 2015

Thai alum finds asylum at the UW.