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A New Way to Watch UW Football

The south end zone project connects Camp Randall to the Field House with premium seating.

Rendering of Camp Randall south stands by the UW Field House

Camp Randall Stadium’s new south end zone will allow fans to enjoy luxury seating while also soaking up the legendary “bleachers” vibe, rather than sitting behind glass. Wisconsin Athletics

In Camp Randall’s south end zone, fans have long sat in the shadow of the Wisconsin Field House. Soon, ticket-holders in that section will have a closer relationship to the Field House, and a more luxurious place to sit.

The Camp Randall south end zone improvement project kicked off right after the 2021 football season ended, and when complete, it will offer what senior associate athletic director Jason King calls a “premium experience” that keeps fans connected to the rollicking action in Camp Randall’s bleachers.

“What we heard from [our fans is that] they were looking for an outdoor premium experience [where] you could feel like you’re a part of the game action,” King says. “Right now, virtually all of our premium opportunities are behind glass and aren’t a part of the bowl. The new south end zone project is primarily open airspace. You’re going to be in the seating bowl.”

Originally built in 1917, Camp Randall is the fifth-oldest college football stadium in the country. This will be at least its eighth significant renovation, though the first since 2005 and only the second to cut down on the number of seats: the south end zone project will reduce capacity by more than 3,000 seats to create the new section.

“Reducing the total number of seats in the stadium is, frankly, a trend in college athletics right now. More people are wanting a premium experience,” says King, adding that the new south end zone will offer a variety of improved views and amenities. “There will be loge boxes, outdoor ledge seating, [and] multiple club spaces. On the very top level, there’s a large terrace space.”

That loge level ties in with one of this project’s unusual aspects: it will unite the stadium with the neighboring Field House.

“You’ll actually be able to go back and forth through [what are now the Field House] windows,” King says. “We’ll be able to use the Field House on football game days and use Camp Randall on volleyball and wrestling game days.”

Construction should be complete prior to the 2022 football season.

Published in the Spring 2022 issue


  • Darvin Kapitz NE 1969 September 15, 2022

    It is a spectacular looking modification. Having said that it does remove 3,000 available seat. Those wishing for a “premium experience” are those who can afford $4,500 for season tickets. It looks like they traded avaiable seats for $$. I m not naive, this is college football 2022, but I would rather see more available seats.

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