Camp Randall, Meet the Field House

The new south end zone connects UW–Madison’s iconic sports facilities.

Badger fans fill Camp Randall at night as the UW Marching band performs

The south end zone keeps fans connected to the action in the stands rather than separated into a luxury box. Bryce Richter

At the end of the UW football team’s 2021 home schedule, the athletic department sprang into action. Shortly after staffers cleaned out the last of the debris following the Badgers’ victory over Nebraska, crews moved in and began deconstructing and reconstructing Camp Randall’s south end zone, aiming to have the stadium ready for play again when the 2022 season began nine months later.

In spite of supply chain issues that affected many construction projects, Camp Randall met its schedule. The firm JP Cullen completed its work just ahead of deadline, and the Badgers unveiled their new seating section when Illinois State arrived on September 3. Well, mostly.

“We had one set of basically 150 chairs that were not here for the first game,” says senior associate athletic director Jason King, “but we were able to rent chairs temporarily. And I don’t think, frankly, anyone knew [the correct chairs] weren’t there.”

The south end zone adds a new section of premium seating to the stadium, an area that keeps fans “inside the bowl,” in King’s terms — connected to the action in the stands rather than separated into a luxury box. The new section also connects Camp Randall to the Field House so that fans can experience both of the UW’s historic sports facilities at the same time.

“People are impressed by the Champions Club Bar, which really ties the Field House into the space,” King says. “The backdrop to the bar is actually the facade of the Field House. And above it are the windows that allow you to see from the bar area into the Field House.”

King notes that fans seem intrigued by the new south end zone, but many will have to experience it from afar. Season tickets sold out this year.

Published in the Winter 2022 issue


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