10 Things Aldo Leopold Used in the Field

Winter 2017

UW Archives is home to items that belonged to the ecologist who became the most influential conservation thinker of the 20th century.

Power Walking

Summer 2017

Spencer Walts

The next renewable energy source could be right underfoot. A group of UW–Madison engineers has developed an …

In Search of the Lao Unicorn

Winter 2017

Bill Robichaud ’83 has devoted his career to saving the saola, a recently discovered mammal that may go extinct before scientists can even study it.

Coming Attractions

Spring 2017

UW–Madison’s campus has long been known for its beauty. Iconic places such as Picnic Point and Bascom Hill bring back memories of campus life for …

Climate Chameleon

Winter 2016

UW–Madison is home to one of the most flexible and unique research facilities in North America.

An Unexpected Landing

Winter 2016

For former Badger rower Todd Jinkins ’96, parachuting out of a plane with more than 100 pounds of gear on his back to prevent a forest fire is all in a day's work.

Paul Robbins ’89

Summer 2016

The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence. But is that a good thing?

Climate Change to Last Millennia

Winter 2017

The effects of a warmer Earth will last and last and last.

Terrace time

Spring 2016

Students get an early jump on Terrace time in March 2015. Temperatures soared into the sixties, giving Madisonians a chance to get some sun …

Allen Centennial Garden

Winter 2017

Twenty-seven distinct spaces fill the horticulture department’s public botanical garden. It is named for the late Oscar Allen PhD’30, a …

Shell Shocker

Spring 2016

Galápagos Islands find.

Better Building Blocks

Spring 2016


Lego wants to turn its iconic bricks green by investing $150 million to find cleaner ways to manufacture them. But the …

Here Comes the Sun

Winter 2015

UW researchers weave fabric that can harness solar energy.

Born to Swim

Winter 2015

Decades after graduation, six alumni defy sharks, aging bodies, and ocean swells in a race across Hawaii’s Maui Channel.

Hunters No More

Winter 2015

Two UW alumni are working closely with African tribal warriors, teaching them how to protect — rather than kill — the majestic lions that roam their lands.

Pulp Fixin’

Fall 2015

UW’s Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center researchers identified a method to make paper easier to produce.

Oh, Deer

Summer 2015

The greatest threat to Wisconsin’s forests may not be pollution or urban sprawl.

Displays on Bascom Hill

Spring 2015

The Pail and Shovel Party was onto something: if you want to get your message across, take it to Bascom Hill.

Splash Mob

Winter 2014

Citizen scientists provide clarity for lake researchers’ big questions.

Putting Freshwater Species on the Map

Spring 2014

UW ecologists look at the impact of land-use policies on aquatic biodiversity.

Milk Matters

Winter 2013

Dairy is not "straw hats and bib overalls" at the UW. The flagship institution in America's Dairyland draws on a long history of lacto-research, modern technology, and big data to thrive in what has become a very scientific field.

Rich Varda ’75: A Sustainable Target

Spring 2013

When you want to reduce your energy consumption, you might swap an incandescent light bulb for a more efficient compact fluorescent. But Rich Varda ’75 thinks bigger — much bigger.

The Sounds of Aldo

Spring 2013

Ecologists re-create the sound of a morning with Leopold.

Hot Enough for You?

Winter 2012

Statistics indicate heat waves are the deadliest weather.

Can You Dig It?

Winter 2012

Campus gets a new-look lakeshore.

A Variation on Camelot

Winter 2012

A California girl finds paradise in Madison.

John Schmitt ’80: The Long Road

Winter 2012

For years, John Schmitt ’80 had heard that many of the world’s people live without access to clean, safe water

Black Gold

Winter 2012

From a temple in India to American beauty salons, a global trade network spins hair into Black Gold

School of Hard Rocks

Fall 2012

A geology course first offered seventy years ago is still challenging students.

Anders Andren

Summer 2012

The Sea Grant’s long-time director charts a new course.

To the Bat Cave!

Spring 2012

The curious case of the expiring bats.

Quick Takes: Spring 2012

Spring 2012

UW News in Brief

On Point

Spring 2012

Picnic Point, that is.

Where, Oh Where, Will the Water Go?

Winter 2011

Ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland are melting, but no one can say ... where all of that water is going.

Big Red Wagon

Winter 2011

The antique fire engine returns, greener than ever.

Bruce Kania ’75: Floating a Sustainable Idea

Fall 2011

No man is an island. However, one man’s name is becoming synonymous with them.

Grandparents Eeeeuw-niversity

Summer 2011

Grandparents U is a lifelong learning event that brings children ages seven to fourteen to campus with their grandparents

Estella Leopold ’48: Carrying on the Leopold Legacy

Summer 2011

“We can learn plenty from the past,” says Estella Leopold ’48.

Climate 101

Spring 2011

Global warming isn’t our best subject, a survey finds.

Home-Field Advantage

Spring 2011

Despite the hurdles, campus dining facilities are incorporating locally grown foods.