Malala’s Story

Winter 2014

This year’s book program says go read — and then go do.

Anna Therese Day ’10: Freelancer Advocate

Summer 2014

For Anna Therese Day ’10, going the freelance route in pursuit of a journalism career wasn’t so much a choice as it was a calling.

International Studies 322 and 622

Summer 2014 — 1 comment

An innovative UW program is aiming to bring Madison and Washington closer together, one semester at a time.

A Bridge between Cultures

Spring 2014

Chinese alumni create talk-show videos to educate, ease isolation.

Viveca Chan ’76: Ad Agency Pioneer

Winter 2013

Chen had no idea what she wanted to do with her life — only that she wanted a U.S. education.

Abbey Rules

Winter 2013 — 2 comments

Catering to our obsession with the entire tradition of stately homes, titles, and pomp and circumstance.

A Badger Tale

Winter 2013

Go Big Read novel spans the globe via two characters.

Pigment Prejudice

Winter 2013 — 15 comments · 1 reader letter

Due to a belief that their body parts bring good luck, people with albinism in some African countries are hunted and killed. Two alumni are stepping in to help Tanzania, where the problem is most severe.

Archaeologists on the Front Lines

Fall 2013 — 1 comment

A professor steps up to protect an ancient culture from modern threats.

The Korea Connection

Fall 2013

Far-flung alumni strengthen ties with campus.

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013 — 3 comments · 2 reader letters

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

Getting Torched

Spring 2013

Economist Andrew Zimbalist ’69 argues that big-time sports and big-time stadiums are not necessarily a boon for cities.

Destination Troy

Spring 2013

UW experts in classics, physics, and more will explore the ancient site.

Student Watch: Spring 2013

Spring 2013 — 1 comment

La Maison Française

Mission Possible

Winter 2012 — 1 comment

Think that world hunger can’t be overcome? Bettina Luescher begs to differ.

Hot Enough for You?

Winter 2012

Statistics indicate heat waves are the deadliest weather.

Being Neighborly

Winter 2012 — 1 comment

Students discover there’s much to savor in south Madison.

It’s a Mailbox … It’s a Bird House … No, Wait, It’s a Library!

Winter 2012 — 34 comments · 3 reader letters

A simple idea to house free books in quirky little buildings on posts is bringing neighborhoods together and enhancing literacy around the world.

A Thread of Hope

Winter 2012 — 4 comments · 1 reader letter

At a factory in Latin America, workers are sewing UW apparel, providing for their families, and spreading hope that the global textile industry can change.

Black Gold

Winter 2012 — 1 reader letter

From a temple in India to American beauty salons, a global trade network spins hair into Black Gold

An Elephant Never Begets

Winter 2012 — 7 comments

Delivering birth control to elephants is more difficult than you’d think — and more important.

Badger Tracks

Fall 2012

News briefs from the Wisconsin Alumni Association

Founders’ Days International

Summer 2012

Merci beaucoup!

Planting the Seeds of a Healthy World

Spring 2012

The UW’s Global Health Institute offers seed grants for studies.

Delicate Balance

Winter 2011 — 2 comments · 4 reader letters

As China gains prominence on the world stage, the university strengthens its connections.

Where, Oh Where, Will the Water Go?

Winter 2011

Ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland are melting, but no one can say ... where all of that water is going.

Michael Eddy ’90: Assisting in the Birth of a Nation

Winter 2011 — 1 comment

Making history in southern Sudan

Flashback Winter 2011: Fiddlers on the Run

Winter 2011 — 1 comment

... they are known for playing oldies. Really, really old oldies.

Prison Breaks

Fall 2011 — 13 comments

His life was a downward spiral until JD Stier ’04 and a persistent teacher saw a way out.

Me and My Shadow

Summer 2011

A UW sociologist explores the complicated roles of mothers and nannies.

Been There, Done That

Summer 2011 — 3 comments

Journalism 666: Professional Responsibility in Mass Communication.

The Eye of the Storm

Summer 2011 — 12 comments · 1 reader letter

Lynsey Addario’s recent capture by Libyan forces was just the latest in a series of perils for this frontline photojournalist. But she’s never let danger stop her from bringing her unique perspective to coverage of conflict and humanitarian issues.

Student Watch

Spring 2011

UW grad student sees potential in wake of tragedy.

The Peace Corps at 50

Spring 2011 — 1 comment

UW’s connection to the volunteer program runs deep

En Français, S’il Vous Plaît

Spring 2011 — 1 comment

A master’s program prepares students to use French in professions outside the classroom.

WAA Honors Eight Grads

Spring 2011 — 1 comment

WAA honors eight alumni who have a global impact.

Study Abroad, Alumni Style

Winter 2010 — 1 comment

Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish, but never had the time?

International Initiatives

Winter 2010

Boosting the UW’s role on the world stage.

Knotty Problem

Winter 2010

Khipus are an ancient method of recording information, one that goes back to the Inca empire that pre-dated the arrival of Europeans.

Pain Relievers

Winter 2010 — 7 comments

While American physicians have ready access to medication to help their cancer patients, their counterparts in many countries do not. UW experts are leading a global effort to recognize pain relief as a human right.