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This spring, On Wisconsin reestablishes human contact.

Ken Cameron inspects vanilla plants

Reconnecting with people and their individual passions: Botanist Ken Cameron examines Vanilla orchids. Bryce Richter

As you read through the spring 2022 issue of On Wisconsin, you may be struck by how many faces you see. More than most issues, this one includes a lot of profiles of individual alumni and faculty members: botanist Ken Cameron, Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio MS’17, historian Margaret Rossiter MS’67, author Kevin Anderson ’83, journalist Michele Norris x’83, and even the students who came to UW–Madison thanks to Bucky’s Tuition Promise. Each of these stories introduces you to people more than to programs or issues. And that’s intentional. Mostly.

As these articles came in, we slowly came to see how person-centered they all are, and we realized that there was a reason why this appealed to us. After two years of COVID-19 restrictions, we’re a bit lonely. We hunger for human contact: to sit for interviews, to hear someone’s story, to see faces that aren’t half-obscured by KN95 masks. We thought you might like a little more human contact, too.

True, when you read about a person in a magazine, you’re about as socially distant from that individual as you can be. And you’ll still see masks on a lot of pages. We can’t make the pandemic go away, and journalistic integrity demands that we show the world as it is. Any current photo of campus is likely to show faces from the eyes up, whether those faces belong to volleyball players lining up before winning a championship or seniors getting ready to graduate.

Still, we hope your souls will be lifted by making a few connections. Ours were.

Published in the Spring 2022 issue


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