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Business & Entrepreneurship

Virtual Party SchoolSpring 2021

For all their computer wizardry, the undergrads who created Spacebar got the word out through low-tech means. Courtesy of Spacebar You’re a UW–Madison student who can’t go to clubs or parties during the pandemic. Is there any option besides staying home alone? Now there is: you…


12 Alumni Twitter All-StarsWinter 2017

Anders Holm returned to campus to speak at commencement in spring 2013. Bryce Richter Anders Holm ’03 @ders8 Actor, cocreator, writer, and executive producer of Workaholics Dan Katz ’07 @BarstoolBigCat Cohost, Pardon My Take podcast Jacquelyn Gill MS’08, PhD’12 @JacquelynGill Cohost, Warm Regards podcast; ice age…

TV & Film

Jenni Radosevich ’05Winter 2017

Jon Mattrisch DIY Career Jenni Radosevich ’05 (above, center) was crafting long before it was cool — before Pinterest and the do-it-yourself (DIY) deluge in pop culture. She has many fond memories of visiting the craft store with her mom, dipping her hands in tie-dye,…


The VoiceFall 2017

For Spanish-speaking members of the St. Louis Cardinals, translator Alexandra Noboa-Chehade ’09 is an essential part of the team. “You eat, sleep, and dream baseball,” she says.