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The Sky Is No Limit

Winter 2022

As the first Black woman aviator in the military, Marcella Ng ’78 is used to breaking through barriers.

How I Survived the Pandemic

Summer 2021

UW students learned to navigate a campus turned upside down.

2020 Distinguished Alumni Awards

Winter 2020

Celebrating Ada Deer ’57, Gary Ebben ’82, and Thomas J. Falk ’80.

Love Your Neighbor, Help Your Neighbor

Winter 2020

Jake Wood ’05 offers veterans a new sense of purpose.

The Women Who Won World War II

Spring 2020

Remembering UW–Madison’s first class of WAVES.

A Judge on Trial

Spring 2018

John Becker LLB1890 lost his career in public service when his words were deemed a crime.

Witness to History

Winter 2017

Sarah Morton

Military history professor John Hall spent 15 years on active duty as an infantry officer and strategic planner for…

Photo Gallery

Spring 2017

The First World War changed the course of history and — for a time — the UW’s mission. To help with the war effort, the…

Classrooms Mobilized

Spring 2017

From telegraphy to auto repair to engineers, the UW campus organized to prepare student soldiers for war.

Patriotism and Poison Gas

Spring 2017

A submarine detector tested in Lake Mendota is just one of the contributions UW faculty members made to the war effort.

The Great War at Home

Spring 2017

When the U.S. entered the First World War, the UW joined the fight by training soldiers, conducting poison-gas research, and sending students to work on Wisconsin farms.

Camp Randall Memorial Arch

Fall 2016

Old Abe, the bald eagle mascot who went into battle with the 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the Civil…

A Diploma, at Last

Fall 2016

For a World War I veteran’s loved ones, a UW degree is better later than never.

A New Mission

Fall 2015

For veterans who feel adrift upon returning home, Jake Wood ’05 has a suggestion: come along with us.

In Protest of ROTC

Fall 2015

In April 1990, students began a nearly weeklong sit-in outside the chancellor's office

Adopting History

Winter 2014

A UW professor inspires students to honor WW II soldiers.

Flight of Honor

Spring 2014

UW doctor on a mission for his late father.

They Don’t Teach This in Basic Training

Spring 2012

“Ag 101” training for the Wisconsin National Guard.

Ronald Silverman ’69: Dentist to a Dictator

Fall 2011

Ron Silverman ’69 stared into the jaws of death five years ago when he found himself fitting a crown molding for the mouth of Saddam Hussein.