UW Marching Band Meets the Top 40

Winter 2019

New director Corey Pompey puts his stamp on a great tradition.

UW Creates Its Own Little Sun

Winter 2019

The Big Red Ball lets scientists study solar phenomena from the comfort of Earth.

Move Over, Cheese

Winter 2019

Hazelnuts are Wisconsin's crop of the future.

On, Alumnae: Elizabeth McCoy

Summer 2019

McCoy, pictured in her bacteriology lab in 1953, became one of the first women in science to earn a full professorship at…

Say Cheese

Winter 2018

Wrestling bears, a soaring eagle, and curious fawns are among the 22 million images captured by a first-of-its-kind network of volunteer-run trail cameras in…

The Hunt for Answers

Winter 2018

The country’s population of whitetail deer is at record numbers, and a UW scientist’s work grapples with what that means for their environment.

Internet Underwater

Winter 2018

Why critical infrastructure is at risk

Parental POV

Summer 2018

A history course tackles the 1970s–90s through a generational lens.

8 Lions of the Lecture Hall

Winter 2017

Some faculty members come and go; others stick around and become legends.

2 Who Got Away

Winter 2017

The UW very nearly hired two professors who were destined to win Nobels. Both of them slipped through the university’s fingers in a two-year period.

Brain Trust

Fall 2017

UW professor Tony Stretton is well into his fourth decade of teaching undergraduates the wonders of brain science — and still has a lot of fun doing it.

Great Fall of China

Summer 2017

Should a Chinese couple have one baby? Two? More? UW obstetrician Fuxian Yi and his homeland are at odds over children.

Danielle Evans

Winter 2019

Danielle Evans is no stranger to praise. During her 33 years, the UW assistant professor of creative writing has graduated from the

Potato, Interrupted

Winter 2016

There’s more to genetically modified foods than what you hear in political debate. Just ask UW professor Jiming Jiang and his hardy — if unloved — potato.

The Hyperpiano

Winter 2016

UW music professor Christopher Taylor debuts the new instrument he developed on campus.

Steven Durlauf

Fall 2016

Bryce Richter

In 2014, an exhaustive book about income inequality — French economist Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the…

Physician, Heal Thyself

Summer 2016

Burnout and depression are common among medical students, but a UW course teaches them tools to stay healthy, along with their patients.

Allen Centennial Garden

Winter 2019

Twenty-seven distinct spaces fill the horticulture department’s public botanical garden. It is named for the late Oscar Allen PhD’30, a…

Beautiful Bugs

Spring 2016

Not your average wallpaper.

Apple Core

Spring 2016

UW computer sciences professor Gurindar Sohi developed technology that is at the heart of a legal dispute with Apple, Inc.

Pulp Fixin’

Fall 2015

UW’s Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center researchers identified a method to make paper easier to produce.

Love Online

Fall 2015

Becoming “Facebook official” is a milestone in modern romance, but can it also help love last?

Safe Haven

Spring 2015

Thai alum finds asylum at the UW.

Faculty Attraction

Spring 2015

A record-breaking gift builds a legacy of chairs and professorships.

Desludging Dakar

Spring 2015

Using her understanding of human decision-making, Laura Schechter is improving sanitation in Senegal — and in the process, she's changing the way that social scientists and economists think.

Fulsome Prison Blues

Fall 2014

As a student, UW sociology professor Alice Goffman spent six years immersed in a poor Philadelphia neighborhood. What she learned shaped her understanding of urban policy and inspired a break-out book.

Quick Takes: Fall 2014

Fall 2014

UW News in Brief

Thinking Inside the Box

Summer 2014

In an excerpt from his new book, UW professor Jordan Ellenberg argues that math is part of our daily lives and encourages us to embrace its power.

Location! Location! Location!

Winter 2013

“Location aware” technology for smartphones.

Serious Business

Winter 2013

As flu season begins, UW researchers work to stay a step ahead.

Abbey Rules

Winter 2013

Catering to our obsession with the entire tradition of stately homes, titles, and pomp and circumstance.

Looking Sharp

Summer 2013

Prize-winning microscopy.

Sharing the Dignity Model

Summer 2013

Starting "Great Conversations"

Forgiveness Reverberates

Summer 2013

Personal peace and forgiveness strike a chord.

The ABCs of MOOCs

Summer 2013

As the university prepares to offer its first massive online open courses, we take a look at this new phenomenon and its implications for UW-Madison.

Ask the Experts

Summer 2013

On Wisconsin dispatches a bevy of reporters to track down UW experts and ask for advice on everyday stuff.

The Sounds of Aldo

Spring 2013

Ecologists re-create the sound of a morning with Leopold.

An Ill Wind

Spring 2013

Superstorm Sandy shows the capacity of UW satellite science.

Math, Mentoring, and Motherhood

Winter 2012

Dove soap selects math prof as role model.

Quick Takes: Fall 2012

Fall 2012

UW news in brief