Campus history

Dow: 50 Years Later

Winter 2017

A moment in history that transformed the lives of many students and the UW campus.

4 Photos in Search of a Caption

Winter 2017

UW Archives is working to digitize each piece of UW history for people to both use and share, but with limited resources, that’s easier said than done.

13 Campus Buildings Due for the Wrecking Ball

Winter 2018

It’s part of the campus master plan’s big picture: better managing space while protecting historic buildings and campus landscapes.

7 Objects of Affection

Winter 2018

From scientific marvels to meaningful mementos, items found in the offices of UW professors help tell their stories.

8 Lions of the Lecture Hall

Winter 2017

Some faculty members come and go; others stick around and become legends.

12 Campus Statues

Winter 2017

The collection spans a full century of work from multiple sculptors, and is just a small portion of the more than 100 pieces of public art that bring color to campus.

5 Campus Rivalries

Winter 2017

Competition has always been a part of student life.

9 Badger Hall of Famers

Winter 2017

These UW coaches and players reached the highest levels in their sport.

24 UW-Madison Firsts

Winter 2017

From the beginning, the UW has been a higher education pioneer in research, education, and innovation.

Alumni Park Opens

Winter 2017

At the Alumni Park grand opening in October, visitors admired the new statue of Bucky Badger. Andy Manis

Alumni Park welcomed …

2 Who Got Away

Winter 2017

The UW very nearly hired two professors who were destined to win Nobels. Both of them slipped through the university’s fingers in a two-year period.

4 Snowiest Snow Days

Winter 2017

When winter weather shut down the campus.

10 NCAA Hockey Titles

Winter 2017

The UW's championships on ice.

11 Legendary Concerts

Winter 2017

Music is tied up in the fabric of campus life. Some concerts — including these — are highlights from the university’s history.

Dee Willems ’90, MS’96

Winter 2018

UW Archives S06352

“I figured if it was going to happen eventually, it might as well be me,” says Dee Willems ’90, …

Wisconsin Singers

Winter 2018

For five decades, the Wisconsin Singers have taken their act on the road to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the university. Former WAA …

Paula Bonner MS’78

Fall 2017

Paula Bonner

After just a year of teaching phys ed to eighth graders in her native South Carolina, Paula Bonner moved to Madison …

Physics Museum

Fall 2017

Above and below: Students from the Milwaukee Excellence Charter School explored hands-on exhibits during a tour of the L. R. Ingersoll Physics Museum …

Built on Tradition

Fall 2017

UW Archives UW.CLP-A0385.bib; Bryce Richter; photo illustration by Danielle Lawry

Long before “Jump Around” and the Fifth Quarter, the 50-acre lot on …

Football Fight

Fall 2017

As the sport’s popularity swelled in the 1900s, a UW professor took on college football and tried to reform it, facing the wrath of students and fans.

Kabul Restaurant

Fall 2017

A State Street favorite finds a new home.

Black Cultural Center

Fall 2017

A resource center for African American students has a new home on campus.

Football Photo Gallery

Fall 2017

Images and memorabilia from the early years of the UW’s football team.

Muir Knoll

Summer 2017

Muir Knoll is a small, knobby extension of a drumlin — in this case, Bascom Hill — formed by the retreat …

Venetian Night

Summer 2017

For one night a year from 1911 until 1930, the shores of Lake Mendota sparkled with old-world charm.

Photo Gallery

Spring 2017

The First World War changed the course of history and — for a time — the UW’s mission. To help with the war effort, the …

Classrooms Mobilized

Spring 2017

From telegraphy to auto repair to engineers, the UW campus organized to prepare student soldiers for war.

Politics and Persecution

Spring 2017

As sharply divided opinions about the war drew unwanted national attention to the state, the UW was eager to show its loyalty.

Food as Ammo

Spring 2017

From meatless Tuesdays to research aimed at improving agricultural production, food was deemed a key weapon against the Germans.

Women Make Waves

Spring 2017

UW Archives [UWYearBk1920.p0371]

The war yielded some positive outcomes for female students. Many gained leadership positions on campus that had previously …

Small Sacrifices

Spring 2017

UW Archives S16748

The greatest impact on the home front was the rationing program. To save coal, Lathrop Hall was …

Patriotism and Poison Gas

Spring 2017

A submarine detector tested in Lake Mendota is just one of the contributions UW faculty members made to the war effort.

Push for Peace

Spring 2017

When war broke out in Europe in 1914, a UW English professor proposed another path.

Coming Attractions

Spring 2017

UW–Madison’s campus has long been known for its beauty. Iconic places such as Picnic Point and Bascom Hill bring back memories of campus life for …

Angie Stanton ’98

Winter 2018

Alumni author’s latest book is a campus trip through time.

Cambodia Protests

Spring 2017

A look back at May 1970 through the lens of an alum’s camera

All Hands on Deck

Spring 2017

Scientists weren’t the only faculty members to assist the government — historians, geologists, and others pitched in, too.

Poage Sculpture

Spring 2017

Sculptor Elmer Petersen created a statue of George Poage for the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Michael Lieurance

No one …

The Great War at Home

Spring 2017

When the U.S. entered the First World War, the UW joined the fight by training soldiers, conducting poison-gas research, and sending students to work on Wisconsin farms.

Diversity’s Complex History

Winter 2016

Jeff Miller

When some schools barred the door, UW–Madison welcomed black students from around the country who then went on …