Campus History

Can You Dig It?

Meet Bascom Hall’s latest tunnel.

Bascom Hall surrounded by construction equipment

Bryce Richter

Believe it or not, Bascom Hill is under construction. It seems that nothing — not pandemics, protests, or on-again-off-again in-person classes — can stop people from digging up central campus. Since 2019, crews have been working to excavate a utility tunnel under Bascom. Much of the piping there is more than 50 years old, and the water lines have had their problems, failing six times in the last decade. The new tunnel (which replaces an older, smaller one) is 640 feet long and nearly 10 feet in diameter. But no, students will not be allowed to walk through it to avoid climbing the hill. That’s what the Number 80 bus is for.

Published in the Winter 2020 issue


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