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Progress on Diversity and Inclusion

UW partners unite to effect change.

Students check out the Multicultural Student Center booth during the Fall Student Organization Fair at the Kohl Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bryce Richter

In October 2019, the UW’s student Homecoming Committee faced criticism when it released a promotional video that failed to include students of color.

In the following weeks, the UW and the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) vowed to improve efforts to represent a diverse, inclusive campus.

A year later, during Homecoming Weekend 2020, several campus entities released a joint statement about steps taken so far.

The university’s Student Affairs; its Division of Diversity, Equity, & Educational Achievement; WAA; and the UW–Madison Student Inclusion Coalition reported steps that include involving a more diverse group of students to plan Homecoming, increasing funds for the Multicultural Student Center, honoring the contributions of past students of color, and increasing support and training for students.

“We have made progress since Homecoming 2019 but are aware there is still much more work to do,” says WAA executive director Sarah Schutt. “We believe the changes in 2020 programming, staff, and student training in diversity and unconscious bias, as well as the 2021 plans for a new structure and oversight of the student Homecoming Committee, will lead to a more inclusive campus experience.”

See the full statement.

Published in the Spring 2021 issue


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