WAA Chapters Host Chancellor on the Road

Winter 2013

Building ties with alumni is key.

Quick Takes: Fall 2013

Fall 2013

UW news in brief

Sunny to Cloudy

Fall 2013

The proposed state budget takes a turn when surplus is noted.

Meet Rebecca Blank

Fall 2013

Just how valuable is the devotion Badgers feel for their alma mater? "That's gold," says UW-Madison's new chancellor.

A New Leader for the UW

Summer 2013

Commerce secretary named to begin chancellor post in July.

How to Choose a Chancellor

Spring 2013

A member of the Chancellor search committee explains what the UW needs.

By the Numbers

Spring 2013

The applicants are . . .

A Thread of Hope

Winter 2012

At a factory in Latin America, workers are sewing UW apparel, providing for their families, and spreading hope that the global textile industry can change.

What does it take to succeed as the head of a major public research university?

Fall 2012

Former UW–Madison Chancellor Donna Shalala recently told the New York Times that the job is like that of a tugboat captain: you try to get the ship aligned and pull it in the right direction.

Ward 2.0

Spring 2012

In his second term at the helm, Interim Chancellor David Ward isn’t sitting idly by.

A Vote of Confidence

Winter 2011

Following signs of support on campus, Ward agrees to an extended interim term.