Hurray for the Humanities

[In regard to “Humanities for the Real World,” Winter 2014]: I have two degrees from UW–Madison: an undergraduate degree in the humanities and a master’s in business. I learned how to operate a business by managing one, not in class. I was able to do so because I knew how to analyze situations from multiple perspectives, understand human nature, and think creatively.

My son has two degrees from UW–Madison also: an undergrad degree in philosophy and a JD. He is a highly respected attorney because he has excellent critical thinking skills and understands how to deal with thorny situations and difficult people.

We must stop viewing higher education as workforce development. That focus turns human beings into a commodity that will be replaced by robotics and artificial intelligence as soon as possible. We are much more than that, and much better than that.

Susan Fiore ’81, MA’89
Verona, Wisconsin

I use my humanities degree on a daily basis. I was a dual major in history and Spanish, and now, as a nonprofit attorney advocating for low-income immigrants, I put those majors to use every day. The Spanish major has obvious applications, but the history major I value so much, because it allows me to place all the current events relating to immigration in context.

Kate Woomer-Deters ’02
Raleigh, North Carolina

Published in the Spring 2015 issue


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