Can This Democracy Be Saved?

Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial

Let’s agree that we disagree.
We’re a nation divided — by complex issues, by political parties, by seemingly irreparable differences.

And yet:
Citizens are still going to the polls, despite a somewhat broken voting system. Teachers are finding ways to civilly discuss civics in the classroom.
The phenomenon of social media is getting young people involved in politics — and getting out the vote.

In this special section,
On Wisconsin turned to UW experts to examine the state of our democracy and tell us if there’s reason to hope.



  1. AS far as I can see, democracy is not perfect but still good.

    fei ma
  2. This well written compilation of articles explores how divided our country has become. Somewhere in my lifetime we turned the word COMPRIMISE into an epithet that has turned politics into a blood war. We seem, as a nation, to be intent on self-destruction waged upon ideologies of competing billionaires. On Wisconsin!

    Perhaps some of us will sift and winnow, and in the process we might save us from ourselves.

    John Cerniglia '66
  3. The writer of this article should be informed that the United States of America is a republic, not a democracy.

    Kara Reishus '86
  4. ~BS Economics 1986

    The writer should note that although we certainly employ many democratic principals in the in governance of our great nation, we were founded as a republic, not a democracy.

    This is evidenced in the words of our Pledge of Allegiance: "I pledge my allegiance to the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands....."

    Kara Reishus '86
  5. Perhaps we should un divide the country and have a one party system?

    Fred Stohl '85
  6. If a politically divided country is such a big problem, perhaps we should abolish the two party system.

    Fred Stohl - 85

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