Our Landline Love Affair

Winter 2019

A look back at the telephone’s heyday in UW residence halls.

UW Creates Its Own Little Sun

Winter 2019

The Big Red Ball lets scientists study solar phenomena from the comfort of Earth.

One Little Problem with 5G Cellular Networks

Fall 2019

They might interfere with weather forecasting.

Wisconsin History: The Video Game

Summer 2019

A young girl — Jo Wilder — solves mysteries of the state.

On, Alumnae: Mary Kenneth Keller

Summer 2019

As a nun, Keller defied traditional expectations in becoming the first woman to earn a PhD in computer science. Courtesy of

Lost in Space

Spring 2019

It’s getting mighty crowded in space as debris from satellites, labs, and other things shot into Earth’s orbit degrade over time and threaten to fall back to where they came from.

The Next Dimension

Winter 2018


3D printing seems like science fiction come to life.

“It’s kind of Star Trek–like,” says Dan Thoma MS’88, PhD’92, director…

Stem Cells at 20

Winter 2018

It’s been two decades since the first human embryonic stem cell lines were derived at UW–Madison. What effect has the discovery had on scientific research and human health?

A Search for Simple Life

Winter 2018

Adam Steltzner PhD’99 just wanted a regular job, so he became an engineer — eventually, one of NASA’s top engineers. Now he’s helping lead the search for life on Mars.

Mind Games

Winter 2018

New research from the UW shows video games could help teach empathy to adolescents.

Laurel Clark ’83, MD’87

Winter 2018

A remembrance of the Columbia astronaut.

Internet Underwater

Winter 2018

Why critical infrastructure is at risk

Science Faction

Fall 2018

In a new book, former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson ’63, JD’66 recalls his partnership with UW–Madison and his support for biotechnology research.

Beauty Vanishes

Fall 2018

During more than four decades as a photographer, Michael Kienitz ’74 has worked in some of the most beautiful spots in the world —…

Agriculture by Air

Summer 2018

UW researchers are using drones to search for more sustainable farming methods.

Dream Maker

Summer 2018

At Industrial Light & Magic, Rachel Rose MS’03, PhD’07 leads a virtual-production team that brings the Star Wars universe to the big screen.

How to Trust a Robot

Summer 2018

Bill Hibbard ’70, MS’73, PhD’95 and other artificial-intelligence experts want to ensure that AI meets its potential for good — avoids dystopian scenarios.

Eye on Irma

Winter 2017

UW plays a key role in weather warnings.

Potato, Interrupted

Winter 2016

There’s more to genetically modified foods than what you hear in political debate. Just ask UW professor Jiming Jiang and his hardy — if unloved — potato.

The Hyperpiano

Winter 2016

UW music professor Christopher Taylor debuts the new instrument he developed on campus.

One Text Away

Fall 2016

College students and their parents are in closer contact than ever, and that bond has transformed the way universities interact with families.

The Analyst

Fall 2016

Elan Kriegel ’03 runs the data shop for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. After the election, he and his team will use their algorithms and their passion to help other causes.

Apple Core

Spring 2016

UW computer sciences professor Gurindar Sohi developed technology that is at the heart of a legal dispute with Apple, Inc.

Shawn Peters

Winter 2015

The instructor behind “The Wire course.”

The Job Equation

Winter 2015

There’s a STEM boom at the UW, with those majors accounting for 40 percent of degrees.

Land of Possibilities

Summer 2015

In a new UW lab, students create cool things for our interconnected world.

Introduction to Private Pilot

Summer 2015

Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics 601

Design Studies 501: Global Artisans and Pragmatic Design

Spring 2015

The cultures of multiple homelands were stitched together in a School of Human Ecology class during fall semester.

English 175

Winter 2014

Frankenstein, Robocop, Google: Human Memory/Digital Memory

Behind the Screens

Fall 2014

What does it take to produce one of those courses with the funny name? We look at the intense planning, the in-the-field work, and the post-production effort required to create a MOOC.

The Reach of Facebook

Fall 2014

A powerful social platform is engaging citizens in the political process.

Out of Sync

Summer 2014

On March 7, 2014, the lights went out for the last time at UW–Madison’s Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC).

Location! Location! Location!

Winter 2013

“Location aware” technology for smartphones.

Milk Matters

Winter 2013

Dairy is not "straw hats and bib overalls" at the UW. The flagship institution in America's Dairyland draws on a long history of lacto-research, modern technology, and big data to thrive in what has become a very scientific field.

The Big Board in One Big Gulp

Fall 2013

Before the year is out, Jeffrey Sprecher ’78 is set to finalize his purchase of the New York Stock Exchange.

SWAMP People

Summer 2013

The Software Assurance Marketplace aims to make computers more secure

We’ve Got Mail!

Summer 2013

Travel back with us now into the shadows of ancient history, to the year A.D. 1993.

Student Watch: Summer 2012

Summer 2012

Trudging up Bascom Hill with the complete works of Shakespeare weighing you down may have become a thing of the past.

Brave New Blogs

Spring 2011

Blogs aren’t just about trivial pursuits anymore. UW faculty are using these online diaries to share ideas and discoveries with colleagues around the world.