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Let There Be Light — on the Operating Table

A promising invention replaces the surgeon’s heavy headlight.

Two surgeons performing surgery using the MezLight

Courtesy of Mezlight

Surgeons spend hours hunched over operating tables, enduring distraction and discomfort under the weight of a headlight as they work to heal their patients. Like any good doctor, UW Health transplant surgeon Josh Mezrich set out to find a solution. In partnership with Madison entrepreneurs Craig ’89, JD’96, MS’04 and Karen Christianson, Mezrich developed MezLight, a light fixture that attaches to the side rail of an operating table and easily adjusts with the help of a flexible arm. According to Mezrich, in addition to being more comfortable than a headlight, the MezLight makes it easier for surgeons to wear face shields, which have become common in the operating room during the pandemic.

Published in the Spring 2022 issue


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