Variations on a Theme

Fall 2014

A gift from artist Jim Dine.

Kevin Henkes x’83: Connecting with Kids

Fall 2014

A class project sparked a career as an author and illustrator.

Constructing Community

Summer 2014

An artist shares his rare talent — and his culture.

From Spectacles to Start-ups, from Computer Chips to Civil Rights

Summer 2014

The Wisconsin Alumni Association has presented Distinguished Alumni Awards since 1936. Meet the four celebrated honorees.

Blown Away by Piano

Summer 2014

I enjoyed the article about UW pianist Christopher Taylor [“Frankenpianist,” Spring 2014].

In particular, it was great to hear that the dual manual Steinway …

Bookshelf: Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Highlighted books from the Spring 2014 issue

The Varsity Band Concert

Spring 2014

it’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Leckrone!

Creative License

Spring 2014

Now a UW faculty member, renowned cartoonist and author Lynda Barry explores the genesis of creativity, teaching the powerful connection between our hands and our brains.

Bookshelf: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Highlighted books from the Winter 2013 issue

Spotlight on innovation

Winter 2013

What started as a gutsy notion among four UW undergrads (we could do this better) has grown into a wildly successful theatrical-lighting enterprise based in Badgerland.

Light it up

Summer 2013

Neon at the Stock Pavillion

Marshall Brickman ’62: The Jersey Score “Dueling Banjos” to Jersey Boys

Summer 2013

“My theory of life — and career choices — then and now is to hang out with people that I don’t mind having lunch with.”

The Accidental Actor

Summer 2013

The theater world has embraced the talents of Carrie Coon MFA ’06, taking her all the way to the Broadway stage.

Imagination, Inc.

Spring 2013

The devil's in the details, as a young grad has discovered in her job with the animation studio Pixar.

Out with the Old, in with the Older.

Winter 2012

Newly discovered documents shed light on the Union Theater’s history

Student Watch: Winter 2012

Winter 2012

New residential community focuses on arts and design.

Quick Takes: Winter 2012

Winter 2012

UW news in brief

Glowing Reviews

Fall 2012

This year’s Go Big Read selection illuminates Marie and Pierre Curie.

Badger Birdman

Fall 2012

Tom Schultz ’76 never dreamed he’d become a painter — but thanks to him, birdwatchers everywhere are able to identify their feathered friends.

They Could Have Danced All Night

Summer 2012

Athleticism guides this motivated team.


Spring 2012

When a young woman dressed as reality TV fixture Kim Kardashian says she’s never worked harder in her life, she’s not kidding.

A New Old Tradition

Winter 2011

A UW institute and a growing summer event bring Yiddish to life on campus.

Flashback Winter 2011: Fiddlers on the Run

Winter 2011

... they are known for playing oldies. Really, really old oldies.

Bookshelf: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Highlighted books from the Fall 2011 issue

Life Lessons

Fall 2011

When Richard Davis teaches, his words are like the notes he plays, flowing effortlessly from topic to topic, as he explains music and so much more.

War Dance

Summer 2011

Dance company interprets campus history.

The Art-Lovers Lane

Summer 2011

The Chazen receives $30 million worth of modern art.

Marjorie Liu JD’03: Genre Bender

Summer 2011

There’s nothing in the family law classes to prepare future Badger attorneys to understand the relationship between a woman and a merman.

The Eye of the Storm

Summer 2011

Lynsey Addario’s recent capture by Libyan forces was just the latest in a series of perils for this frontline photojournalist. But she’s never let danger stop her from bringing her unique perspective to coverage of conflict and humanitarian issues.

Students learn to print with limestone, oil, and ink

Spring 2011

Art 316: Lithography

Quick Takes: Fall 2010

Winter 2010

UW news in brief

Dennis White: Saving an Ancient Art

Fall 2010

Dennis White works to preserve Ojibwe culture.

Voices of Experience

Fall 2010

We take them for granted — until we suddenly lose them, that is. Thanks to an unusual clinic, people who rely on their voices to make a living have a place to turn for help.

How to Stage a Lynching

Fall 2010

As a graduate student, theater professor Patrick Sims became engrossed in the story of lynching survivor James Cameron. For a decade, he's been working to create a one-man play that preserves Cameron's place in history.

State of the Arts

Fall 2010

From the university's earliest years, the arts have held a special place on campus — for those who create or perform and for those who experience the results.

Manga Mania

Spring 2010

East Asian 376: Manga

The Changing Face of Publishing

Spring 2010

As profit margins shrink and technological change speeds up, academic publishers face an uncertain future — but the UW Press is adapting to the new realities of bookselling in the twenty-first century.

Quick Takes

Winter 2009

UW news in brief.

When You Say Wisconsin In Song

Fall 2009

Stephen Thompson ’94, editor of National Public Radio’s music Web site, didn’t miss a beat when we asked him to pick five songs that say the UW. His advice for how to defend a song that you like? “If you think it’s awesome, it’s awesome.”


Summer 2009

Students perform the musical Hair.